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  1. Is it “just me” or has anyone else noticed the President’s acquiring (voluntarily, of course) a Jeremiah Wright “Negroid Preacher Mode” in his speech-patterns during his incessant media-covered lectures? Frankly, I am beginning to “tire” of the President’s claims that he and his policies will cure ALL that ails me, which I don’t believe, anyway. What I didn’t hear him say today in New Orleans is that he has instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to WAIVE the defense of “sovereigh immunity”, which the United States has asserted (through lawyers who work for Holder in the U.S. Department of “Injustice”) in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation. I also didn’t hear the President say that he had instructed Mr. Holder to REPUDIATE the REPREHENSIBLE “Joint Defense and Cost Share Agreement” which the United States entered into with the State of Louisiana, by the terms of which the USA is assisting the State to defeat the claims of innocent “Victims of KATRINA” against the State, even if the United States is immune! Bottom line: So much BULLSHIT, I wanted to “barf”. The sooner he leaves New Orleans, the better.

  2. Ashton while you can certainly post anything you want— I think you might consider that slabbed should be able to be viewed by people of all races etc and some of your post have concepts which don’t exactly lead a lot of readers to actually grasp the legal and social concepts which you do articulate. Having said that I think the limits of post should be the broadest possible. To put it in political terms we have people from various Congressional offices which could be of help to you in particular but might be turned off by your choice of words. I know Nancy Pelosi and about 7 members of the Black Congressional Caucus have read blog post by SOP and me in the past. So it really is not fair to use words which cause the readers to discount what is going on is my point. But again post what you want just realize the audience here has several very liberal and African-American Congressional offices looking at some of what we do here. Here is a short take on one word in partiuclar.

    Today, most scientists view human variation as distributed clinally, often without any sharp discontinuities. While acknowledging the existence of human variation among groups, anthropologists have abandoned the view that clearly delineated, discrete racial entities exist, since there often is considerable overlap in characteristics among the populations.[14] Furthermore, in at least one study most of the variation in physical traits found was among individuals within the so-called racial groups.[15]

    The term Negroid is commonly associated with outdated notions of racial typology which have been widely discredited in scientific circles[1]

  3. HA! I live-blogged this PT Barnham School of Shameless Self Promotion Commencement Glory Hole Partay:
    Oh my Goddess! He still thinks Katrina Hit New Orleans???
    ~where did His O’ness got this YANKEE SOUTHERN ACCENT?
    He Cannot pronounce Melancon or Cao.
    Soliciting audience applause for his own Lackeys.
    He is trying to turn this into a Love Obama Thing.
    Also just reiterated his Total Stupid Ignorance of the Cause of New Orleans Flooding. Denies that Corps of Engineers did it –instead says “Government Broke Down”.
    He is Lying by Omission and I am watching him do it.
    What about the Bad Pumps, Mr President?
    What about our flood walls that are Not Replaced by your Rogue Military Unit the USACE???

    This isn’t going to get it. Katrina hit Mississippi and the Corps of Engineers hit New Orleans.
    I was frankly and poignantly embarrassed by by the President’s staged demeanor. I thought of Elmer Gantry the way a Yankee would think we would think of him.
    I swear this played to me like a real piece of Yes We Can’can
    Hope’A’Dope TeeVee Campaign Porn’O’ganda.
    He even had plants in the audience to start chanting at opportune times. Please, someone fuck me with an atom bomb.

  4. And Steve, Obama played the Hate Card like a passive aggressive sociopath, with the last of only 7 (SEVEN) questions –which was not a question at all but a cute little black kid Tiny Tim/Oliver character to remind everyone to Not Hate Obama because God Is Love. For God’s sake spare me the cotton patch histrionics. There is No Crying In Politics.
    He worked this Hate Meme the entire time often referring to how hard he has it and how misunderstood.
    Yes there are people of many races getting slabbed.
    I dare any one of them to call me on this: Obama pulled the Hate Card with a Race Card in his Closer Question, the Cinch. You have it at the end of any successful Con: The Cinch. That poor little Kid was The Cinch.
    He did it. Watch the Videos.
    After all this Boo’rah, we got a Campaign Speech and only 7 questions –none of which he actually answered with anything approaching information or leadership.
    What he has said happened Did Not Happen.
    Right now Obama is a lying bastard who had not a word about facing down the Corps of Engineers or the roll they played in Flooding New Orleans. Nothing but Bull Shit. Unmitigated Political Horse Pookey.
    If this had ended up being John McCain, all those trips Obama arrogantly says he saw all he needed to see before this trip would not matter. If this had been John McCain I would not be so disappointed or surprised by such Yankee Bourgeois Naivete.
    But I voted for this Cracker.

  5. And just so no one misunderestimates where Editilla is coming from regarding Obama’s Racists Gimp’punking of New Orleans today, I would tell you where I grew up but it would just piss you off. Emit Till died not 30 miles from our family farm. But rest assured I used to think we invented Racists in Mississippi. Really. It took me a long time and many roads to see the qualities in the colors of a person’s skin. It matters. To say otherwise, to discount the differences between peoples is ghastly dangerous ignorance to me because it allows the Color of Choice to be marginalized like a selected breed of dog. We are different. We are NOT only Black and White as Obama would have you believe from his Bathroom Stop in New Orleans today.
    I am so angry at this Half-Breed Presidential Spam that I could spit Crucifixion Nails.
    I must, for my own sanity, come out hard about this because Obama needs to Drink some of his own Change-Aid. I did and voted for him and now I am Hallucinating that he doesn’t Get It about the Gulf and thinks we are so stupid he can pull one over with a Little Kid. This Hate Card vs Race Card will not serve to unite us with understanding when the reality is that Katrina Hit Mississippi and the Corps of Engineers Flooded New Orleans.
    Obama is screwing around with the Image of New Orleans as a Race Card. He is, and that really scares the Hell out of me.
    I don’t really care if anyone thinks I’m being rude here. When I see Racial Stereotyping at the level Obama was swinging today, I feel it is necessary to Crush it with a 50 Pound Hammer.

  6. Well said Editilla. He also cuddled up with the same crowd on Wall Street that imploded the financial system. And while we’re at it Joe Biden is a crook.

    On the bright side Saints – Giants is just 3 days away.


  7. Steve: Thank you for your “advice”, which is acknowledged and understood, and which a lot of people more “successful” than I am (at least during the past 4 years) have also tried to drill into my thick post-KATRINA skull. Please allow me to make a few points: (1) When I was a boy, growing up in the 50’s, the word “black” was verboten and considered a racial slur. What we refer to as “black people” today were Negros or “colored people”. If I was to refer to a black person as “colored” in mixed company today, I’d be… Well, it would depend on the company I was in, but you get my drift. (2) The term “Negroid” is in the Dictionary, and pardon me, but I don’t give a “flying fuck” who might be offended by the word’s usage. No one (other than you) has ever told me that the word is “offensive”. I don’t find it offensive. I also believe that it carries a “rich” meaning. Take the use of the word any way you want, but don’t dictate to me that I can’t say and write it to convey “pregnant” meaning in communication. (3) There’s a saying to the effect of: “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.” Well, I never have, do not, and never will, live my life solely to please others, or to anticipate what others might find offensive. My use of the term “Negroid” was entirely “innocent” and descriptive (I think all readers of SLABBED know precisely what I was describing) during the President’s presentation(s) in New Orleans. (4) When I was @ 14 or 15 years old, and a student at Jesuit High School, my Father’s business at the time (O’Dwyer’s Bowling Lanes on Jefferson Highway) was robbed early one morning. My Uncle Rudy, who was my God-Father, was pistol-whipped and shot in the abdomen while he lay helpless on the floor of the office. Prior to that incident, use of the “N” word by me and my siblings was “cayenne pepper-in-the-mouth” or “mouth-washed-out-with-Ocotgon-soap” in the O’Dwyer Family, which employed a fair number of honest and loyal Negros who I NEVER would have said ANYTHING to in order to humiliate, shame or embarass, least of all myself. After my Uncle was shot, however, “the gloves came off”, and it was my Family’s devoted employees who aptly described the ANIMALS who shot my Uncle, while he lay defenseless on the floor. (5) I have been doing what the FBI should have been doing in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation for over 4 years. Nancy Pelosi, and your “contacts” in ANY political party,, can go FUCK THEMSELVES, because they are and have been “missing-in-action”. I ain’t gonna change, and anyone who doesn’t “like” it can try to KILL me, but they had better be prepared to die themselves if they try.

  8. Let me make a true confession here. After Katrina Bay St. Louis had it very bad. Every business was flooded except one store. 90 pecent of the homes were flooded. But after Katrina we pulled together so fast because our leadership knew what to do. The police and mayors etc all just took anything that was salvagable and used it. Didn’t matter if the tires were on a new car at a dealership the police took them and gave them out to private citizens. We had the police at the stores not guarding for looters but bringinng order to the looters. You could go in the store and get a few things you need. Police just made sure nobody hoarded. We did go gather dead people, our friends and family, and it was bad. But the city leaders got all the beer, booze and steaks which were brought to the central command center where a lot of people were staying. That night the mayor cooked steak for everyone, beer was flowing and you could drink as much booze as you wanted. The hippies showed up before the government and set up shop across from where the police department used to be. They immediately cooked organic breakfast, lunch and dinner for anyone who needed something to eat. FEMA showed up after them and tried to kick them out. Mayor of Waveland said if its either FEMA or the hippies we choose the hippies. They were here first. It took national guard about 3 days to show up in our area. And yest the hippies were given a free pass on the thing they like to smoke. They set up a roll your own no not weed, but cigarette station and any homemade cigarettes were considered to be of an unkown origin by the police. IE they were told if they smoked away from the cooking area they could smoke anything they wanted. They even passed out a few sacks for the locals IF someone requested the favor. No cost. No I didn’t know about the program but only heard about it later. So no the government show up but our leaders just organized the looting and everyone worked together. The stories I hear out of New Orleans just scare me. Oh well there is more but I’ll leave the ladies who set up a brothal at Chapel Hill for a later story…

  9. Steve: Let me digress and tell you a couple of “true” stories. Post-KATRINA, during the threat of “mandatory evacuation” from New Orleans, to be enforced by “law enforcement” (but not the the NOPD, which was MIA), which made no sense whatsoever for people like me, whose homes were ‘high and dry”, and who had arms and provisions which could have equipped a small army, I reached back into the “fleshy tablets” and recalled some things I hadn’t thought of since I was a boy, and heard (and remembered) from my Dad and Uncle. My Family had a great property in Waveland (815 South Beach Blvd.), which was “SLABBED” in CAMILLE. However, pre CAMILLE, the 1947 hurricane was “the “big one”, although there also was a fairly big storm in 1940, which caused damage all along the Coast, and which doesn’t get much “coverage”. Anyway, after the ’47 hurricane, my Dad and Uncle, who were back from the War, travelled to Waveland to inspect their property, post-hurricane and although martial law (“Looters will be shot on sight!”) had been declared, they were not only allowed to proceed to their property, they also were “deputized” by the local Sheriff, ie., they were sworn in a members of a “posse”, permitted to bear arms openly, and commissioned to do whatever was necessary to preserve law and order. Post KATRINA, living here on St. Charles Avenue, I eagerly awaited (in vain) my being deputized by “Body-Bags” Nagin and Eddie “Non-Compus-Mentis”, so I could “decorate” the oak trees on the Avenue with hanging looters (all to no avail)! I promise you, the looting in New Orleans would have come to a screeching HALT, quick. The “buzz-words” which came back to me after so many years were “posse”, “deputized”, “sworn-in”, “property-owners”, “bear arms”, and “Looters will be shot on sight”. Those were the words my Dad and Uncle related to me about the aftermath of the ’47 hurricane. Now to another story, of more recent vintage: I’ve got to say that, even though I “stayed”, the constant calls from my Family: “You’ve GOT to get out of there; you don’t know how ‘bad’ it is; you’ve got to leave.”, coupled with FEAR of “forced mandatory evacuation” by “law enforcement” (whoever THAT was, surely not the NOPD), “messed” with my head. I KNEW what I was doing was necessary (if people like me had not stayed to protect our property, then Uptown New Orleans would’ve been burned to the ground, and I’m NOT kidding), and “right”, but I confess that at times I had some doubts. Then two (2) Thursdays after the storm, a friend who lives on Lowerline Street, a few blocks from my house, stopped by and related the following story: On the Wednesday after the storm he was at home and witnessed a seemingly “poor black family”, old and young women and small children, struggling in the street with their “baggage”. My friend took pity, asked where they were headed, and when told they were hoping to be evacuated from the Superdome or Convention Center, offered to drive them to the “staging area” at Lee Circle. He then loaded the women, kids and baggage into his pick-up truck and drove them to Lee (the name hasn’t been changed, yet) Circle. What he didn’t realize is that while he was organizing his “mission of mercy”, his benefactors’ male grandsons, sons, nephews, cousins, and “whatever(s)” had him and his property “under surveillance”, and as soon as he drove off with his passengers and their baggage, a potted plant was thrown through his front window, and his home was looted and ransacked, with liquor, guns and his wife’s jewelry being “liberated”. THIS IS A TRUE STORY< AND I CAN FURNISH MY FRIEND'S NAME TO "RESPONSIBLE" INDIVIDUALS. Anyway, that particular story validated my having stayed to protect my property. I'll relate the story about the "burglars" in the National Guard another day.

  10. In the future I’ll also post about why I believe law abiding citizens should not have their guns taken away from them after a hurricane. One from Camile and one from Katrina. One is my own story of how my dad, a very liberal man politically, used a gun to protect our family after Katrina. Anouther how a very liberal couple protected our neighborhood after Katrina with a gun and flashlight. Neither had every held a gun before Katrina but they did point to kill and would have pulled the trigger if the looters didn’t leave. More on this later. I have to check the facts on the two stories first. But they are really good.

  11. I think it is totally shameful that President Obama used a disaster of over four years ago for a campaign speech. It is not surprising he didn’t know the facts as pointed out in previous comments. What is more shameful is he did not visit the MS Gulf Coast. Oh, I forgot MS did not vote for him. The man has no more depth than a single sheet of tissue paper.

  12. He didn’t take Louisiana either Sup which probably explains the lack of interest in St Bernard, Plaquemines other Katrina/Rita impacted Parishes. Ray would have loved to see Mr Obama over in Lakeview.

    Ronald Reagan went to the slums when he ran for POTUS even though the people there were sure not to support him. President Reagan changed the political landscape for a generation. Events since last fall have given Mr Obama the same opportunity but he is squandering it IMHO.


  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. He is now the President and should be acting like one. Every speech is not about making our country better ,it is a campaign speech. The crowd was obviously hand picked by the reception Gov. Jindal received.

  14. Very good post Ashton. I view your treatment after Katrina as a civil rights violation of the highest magnitude. The right to defend yourself and your property should be preserved especially after a natural disaster. I think your treatment by those who currently hold the reigns of power is directly related to a desire to not have stories such as the ones you are posting come to light. We had our only cases of civil unrest in Bay St. Louis when the Red Cross set up their help center a few blocks from my home. They were relocated to anouther area after criminals from New Orleans looted a medical supply company one night looking for drugs, money or anything. They shit and pissed on the owners desk, floor, etc and whipped their butts with his clients paperwork. He was called by a friend who saw it going on. When he showed up the crowd who were assembled as early as 3 am to wait for the Red Cross check center to open merely told him to go fuck himself when he annouced he was the owner of the building and they needed to get out. He pulled out a large caliber pistol and shot it in the air. Then pointed it at the crowd telling them the next one is going in someone. The crowd fled down the street and adventually the police showed up. Later in the day the National Guard were placed across the street. Why was the crowd there? They were members of a group of people who were driving to every Red Cross center and applying for aid multiple times. Adventually the Red Cross center was moved to anouther location but we never limited the applicants to locals due to the fact that many in Hancock County have dual citizenship(like Ashton) between Louisana and Mississippi. Gulfport did limit applicants in the line to locals and that is anouther story of how they carried that out. I actually think what happened to Ashton was a civil rights violation of a historic nature and one I would not like to be established as a future practise in Mississippi. I also think that it would be good if Ashton was given a format to voice the stories of post katrina civil rights violations of whites and blacks. I think in the end the violation of everyone’s rights needs to be looked into and I would hope Congress would show interest. The sad case for conservatives is that organizations like the Black Caucus has a better record of looking into civil rights violations. I would hope they would show interest in Ashtons case in the context of a larger look at civil rights violations. Somoeone targeted Ashton for abuse due to his speech. That is wrong and dangerous. Those people need to be brought to light and given sanctions. Good stories post Katriana Ashton. And yes you can say what you want but realize that what you have to say is so important that to lose it to our currrent social political correctness would be sad—but it is a reality. Thanks for the post and I look forward to future stories of what it really was like in New Olreans post Katrina.

  15. So solly, “Chalie”! No one has asked ME to appear before the Grand Jury, nor have I been served with a subpoena. Sad to say, but I’m the “wrong” color, and from an economic group that the FEDs just don’t give a SHIT about. If I were a Negro “pimp” or drug addict, the FBI and the USDOJ would be “all over” my story. Sad, but true. Remember, these are the same incompetents who failed to prevent 9-11. The same bunch of lying dogs, who have kept “the lid on” the JFK assassination (not to mention RFK, MLK and George Wallace) for decades. I don’t “need” these cock#@%&*$s. They can read my book!

  16. And another thing: The NOPD was entirely “missing-in-action”, post KATRINA. I really don’t believe that the NOPD had ANYTHING to do with my abduction, torture and false imprisonment, other than knowing about it, after-the-fact, and helping keep it all “secret” (ie. being complicit in the conspiracy to obstruct justice). The “real” culprits are: Former AG Charles Foti (and his “surrogates”, including Burton Guidry, who was Foti’s Chief, Criminal Division, of the LDOJ, and “Ricky” Murphy, an LDOJ Investigator, current Chief Justice “Titty” Thimble (Catherine Kimball), her personal “pimp”, Chief Disciplinary Counsel Charles Plattsmier, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, who work for Jim Letten and David Dugas, and in particular AUSA Michael Magner, individuals within the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, which includes the State Police and Penal Guards from Angola, the Louisiana State Bar Association (through its then-President Frank Neuner), and members of my prior law firm. All of this is meticulously laid out in Civil Action No. 06-7280, which is “on hold” in the Eastern District, as is ALL of my other litigation, a denial of due process of law, if there ever was one. All of the above-identified individuals were complicit in ordering the criminal gangland-style “hit” on me and in my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment. WHERE IS THE GODDAMNED FBI?

  17. Here I am 100 percent with you Ashton. One’s view on race or other things not related to your abductors behavior is not relevant, in my opinion. If society had to wait until all parties are singing in perfect harmony on their views of race where would we be?

    I am sure many who are being interviewed by the FBI and many who have their cases being looked into have racial views which I would find to be not agreeable to my own. Justice is not served when some are selected for protection and others are thrown to the wolves.

    If the dividing line of protection is ones view on race or ones race itself than how is that justice? If we agree that some who are being helped by the FBI have negative views on race than the only variable left is Ashton’s race itself? Not a good precedent to set in my opinion.

    Perhaps Ashton needs help more because of his race? Who knows but the albatross of race which has been tossed arround Ashton’s neck is a red herring in my book. Regardless of who placed it there. Everyone deserves to have the same rights. My point is that race has nothing to do with rights. I found it distasteful to justice to have the FBI ignore Ashton and his well reported abuse.

    From what I can tell all Ashton did was assert his right to protect himself and his own property. The idea of a book is good. A movie better. But justice is best.

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