Dear Mr President: A Cresent City Ray guest post. Cat 5 Rally Announced

Cresent City Ray sent in both the annoucment of the Cat 5 rally and a guest post thus the balance of this entry is courtesy of our friend Ray. (Gene has the insurance thing covered in the next post).

Flier_imageDear New Orleanians,

Let’s make the best of this opportunity Thursday. Please consider attending or inviting others to attend the:

Cat 5 Now! Coastal Restoration Now! Rally

Thursday 9 am -10 am, between Jackson Square & the mighty Mississippi River

Invite schools, friends, neighbors and the press.
Download the rally flier here:

Thanks for any help making this happen.

Tell President Obama

The President’s Town Hall at UNO is this Thursday and here is where we will find the application form to attend. Access to the application is supposed to begin TODAY at 10 am our time or 11 am white house time. Be there and perhaps the President might learn something about our situation other than what the Corps tells him.

If I don’t get in, would someone please seek acknowledgement from him about how our outfall canal floodwalls fell down without even being overtopped, with a few feet of freeboard, solely because Corps engineers made incredibly negligent engineering mistakes and short-sheeted New Orleans and we find it offensive that he still calls it a ‘natural disaster’. Tell him about the Corps’ current stack of lies and cover-ups, their ‘PR’ efforts, and about how they recently de-rated the life expectancy of the $.5B pumps from 50 years to just five and tell him about their funny numbers regarding Option 1 vs Option 2 cost estimates and the foolishness of trusting the Corps to coordinate pumping during an emergence. Tell him about the fact that they nearly never make schedule and claim things are complete and ready when they are not. Tell him about how even their division general supports the district’s fibs.

Tell him the Lower Ninth, which is a good example of some of our problems, is but only two of the 140 square miles that flooded in the City of New Orleans because of federal levee breaches and the civil rights violations are spread pretty wide here.

Tell him 90% of us evacuated before the storm.

Tell him the big dollar number the feds sent ‘down here’ was mostly in the form of flood insurance pay-outs and other money only ‘allocated’ and a bunch more for cleanup by out of town huge federal contractors and we did appreciate every penny, but the slander is very insulting being that 70% of us had flood insurance.

Tell him we are not a ‘coastal’ city. Ships travel 96 miles upriver to reach New Orleans.

Tell him that the flood, proportionally, killed just as many rich, middle class and poor as well as black, white, Hispanic and Asian New Orleanians. The only demographic that suffered more than the rest were our elderly who suffered the worst, by far. Tell him many thousands of New Orleanians died in the months after the storm from stress and depression, and are still dying from the stress and we need some serious help here with health care.

Tell him how and why the Corps is mostly responsible for the losses of our wetlands that use to serve as a storm surge buffer for New Orleans.

Tell him New Orleans has a higher percentage of residents that remain lifelong residents of their home town than any other major metropolitan area in the US.

Tell him the vast majority of New Orleanians are honest, hard working, tax paying, law abiding US citizens and deserve respect.

Invite him to Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Thanks, good luck getting a pair of tickets, Ray from Lakeview.

One thought on “Dear Mr President: A Cresent City Ray guest post. Cat 5 Rally Announced”

  1. Hey, Ray: Don’t forget to ask those who are admitted into the “Town hall Meeting” why Obama won’t instruct Attorney General Eric Holder to ABANDON the defense of IMMUNITY, which has been asserted by the “Jew-Nighted” States in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, and why he hasn’t instructed Mr. Holder to REPUDIATE the “secret” (before the Robinson Trial which started in May 2009) “Joint Defense and Cost Share Agreement” which the USA entered into with the State of Louisiana in July 2007, by the terms of which the USA is “helping” the State to defeat the claims of innocent “Victims of KATRINA” against the State, even if the USA has immunity. “Someone” might also ask Obama why the “annual surveys” which were a condition of the permit for “off-centerline” dredging of the 17th Street Canal in the early 90’s were never performed, coming home to “roost” (to use the Rev. Wright’s terminology) on 8/29/05.

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