State Farm to Coast: Get ready to grab yer ankles



We’ll talk State Farm in a minute. It’s a small pleasure to me that readers of Slabbed can tell you in a single sentence why we’re being devoured by insurance companies – they operate regional monopolies, and keep them going by purchasing judges, legislative bodies, and regulators who could take away the anti-trust exemptions. Coached by people like McKinsey & Co., we know how big insurers follow a scripted Machiavellian model:

risk transference is sales pretext only;

the objective is profits;

claims threaten profits;

policyholder dollars go to defeat, not pay claims;

↑ premiums + ↓ scope of coverage = ↑ profits.

America is being eaten from within. Wall Street pigged-out and bankrupted our treasury. Health insurance pigged-out and drove consumers to go uninsured and file bankruptcy in record numbers (62% of all). Banks pigged-out and destroyed home values and credit markets, and auto makers cowboyed a world class manufacturing business into oblivion. On the legal side, so-called “pro business” types – mere bribe payers to me – replaced the jury system with forced arbitration, repealed punitive damage law and bought off the appeals courts. If our Constitution was a car note, I’d say we’re “upside down.”

At the moment, the Machiavellian health insurance model is under attack. In recent months, health insurance monopolies have forked out $380 million in new Congressional bribes to protect their profit model. Their business model: sell a promise to cover medical bills, exclude most medical needs and all pre-existing, don’t pay claims, keep the money. It’s a simple but solid racketeering strategy that spits out money like an ATM machine run amuck. In the seven years from 2000 to 2007, profits rose 428%, while insurers steadily shrank coverage.

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Jim Brown on Prison Inc: Send in the criminals.

Thursday, October 8, 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana


There are 241 remaining detainees imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, and the president says he will shut it down in early 2010. So where do you send these suspected terrorists? Other countries don’t want them. So do you want them in Louisiana?

Congressional Republicans are seizing on this issue, stirring up quite a scare campaign in media appearances and in a video posted on the internet. The GOP is warning that that if the White House relocates some of Gitmo’s remaining accused thugs to U.S. prisons, they could pose an unspecified threat to local communities. “TERRORISTS,” the video warns in bold scary letters, “COMING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU.” What about Louisiana? Do we want these terrorists here? You’re darn right.

Word out of Washington is that the Bureau of Prisons is quietly looking at various sites nationwide to house these detainees. And Louisiana is in the mix of possibilities. There is a major illegal immigrant detention center located in Oakdale up in the northwestern part of the state. The Oakdale facility presently houses a minimum and medium security prison, as well as the detainee facility that can hold more than 2000 prisoners. Edwin Edwards, Enron’s Andrew Falco and WorldCom’s Bernie Evers are all housed at the minimum security facility there. Close by is another federal prison at Pollack, just north of Alexandria.

Angola prison would also be a possible site in a joint federal-state effort. This remote area north of Baton Rouge has over 5000 acres, and is surrounded on two sides by the Mississippi River. Warden Burl Cain, who has a number of “death row” inmates there, would have no problem riding herd on the whole Gitmo gang. Continue reading “Jim Brown on Prison Inc: Send in the criminals.”