Ummm Ashton, we finally found out where the “[email protected] D%&m FBI” has been Part Deux: James Gill puts in his 2 cents at the T-P

Hat Tip Editilla who also has a killer Frank Zappa video posted today though I don’t think former FBI agent John Guandolo’s dalliance with Dollar Bill witness Lori Mody involved S&M. IMHO there are few editorial columnists as talented as the Times Picayune’s James Gill:

It’s just as well John Guandolo was not the FBI agent assigned to St. John Parish President Bill Hubbard’s case.

The investigation would have been measured in illicit sexual encounters, And when it was all over the feds could hardly have denounced the adulterer Hubbard from the rooftops if such a serial fornicator as Guandolo had been on the job.

Luckily, it could not be. Guandolo, who helped nail Dollar Bill in Virginia, had left the FBI before Hubbard hit on the idea of taking bribes from government contractors to buy his squeeze some new wheels.

Thus, the feds can take a somewhat ambivalent attitude on the matter of straying husbands. If the goat is a defendant, he must confess his sins, even if they do not affect the disposition of his case. If a G-man beds a crucial witness, potentially compromising the entire investigation, the least said the better.

Guandolo’s dalliance with the witness, Lori Mody, did not come to light until after former Congressman Bill Jefferson, D-New Orleans, hads been convicted on a slew of felonies. The FBI now declines comment on what it deems a “personnel matter.”

Guandolo himself is something of an expert on FBI personnel, especially the female agents he worked with. Many of them were included in a list of conquests he prepared in the course of marriage guidance counseling, which the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility got its hands on before he quit last year.

Also on the list was “Lori M.” The storied sleuths of the FBI were stumped. They could find no such name in their personnel records and, though Guandolo had admitted his libido had jeopardized an investigation, they failed to make a connection with the Jefferson case, which had been all over the media since 2005.

The name of Mody, a wealthy businesswoman who had worn an FBI wire while Jefferson solicited bribes, featured prominently from jump street.

But not until a few days before Jefferson’s trial began in June did the feds inform the court and defense counsel find out that co-operating witnesses don’t come much more co-operative than Mody……..

Still, this does not bode well for future investigations. If the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility could not identify the witness Guandolo made time with, the lead agent on the Jefferson case, Timothy Thibault, apparently could have.

According to a just-unsealed defense brief, Thibault was “occasionally flirtatious” with Mody himself. But when the relentless pursuit of Jefferson forced everyone to attend the New Orleans Jazzfest in 2005, Thibault assigned Mody and Guandolo to hotel rooms with an adjoining door. Maybe Thibault does not have a suspicious mind, but that is no virtue in an FBI agent.

One thing we can safely say is New Orleans area must be returning to normal. Besides the ‘normal’ zaniness of naked bike rides and the running of the bulls to go with Southern Decadence and Mardi Gras, the NOLA area public servants are getting back in touch with their Earl Long roots.

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  1. Yep, as long as there are the birds and the bees this stuff will go on. Given recent events in the NOLA area including Jim Letten’s public excoriation of Bill Hubbard on the same topic the irony of having one of the good guys nailing his co workers and certain witnesses is delicious.

    What bothers me is that Mr.Guandolo

  2. I think we know why the investigation took years despite the cold cash.

    I wonder if the FBI schedules a JazzFest trip every year. It should be unconstitutional to have someone wear a wire at the Jazz Festival.

  3. The readers of SLABBED will not believe this, but three (3) of my female siblings have recently been personally interviewed by the FBI to inquire whether they believed that I was “prone to violence” and whether I constituted a clear and present danger to the safety of the public. The FBI sure could have saved the taxpayers a lot of time and money if they had contacted me, personally, or if they had just talked to their colleagues who personally interviewed me at the local offices of the FBI within the last five (5) weeks, to whom I reported, “I am neither homicidal nor suicidal, and if I were homicidal, then ‘the mother-fuckers’ would already be DEAD!” Remember, this is the agency that failed to prevent 9-11, among other “embarrassments”, not the least of which is the failure to do ANYTHING about the corruption of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, which continues in the same building occupied by Jim Letten, who is a COUNTERFEIT cocksucker. The FBI is a shadow of its former self, when it was led by J. Edgar Hoover. instead of interviewing my sisters, these mother-fuckers ought to be interviewing the CRIMINALS who ordered and executed the gangland-style “hit” on me at 5 moinutes past midnight on 9/20/05. I am DISGUSTED with the FBI and the entire USDOJ. To the USDOJ: FUCK YOU and yo’ Mamma’s! AROD, 10/02/09.

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