Federal Flood Coverage, A Love Story

*Bam Bam readers, astute observers they are, will readily detect that certain events in the “Story” are dramatized for effect, including the anonymous dialogues below.

state_farm HQ
State Farm Corporate Headquarters

In August 2005, the month of Katrina, headquarters in Bloomington was bedlam. For all its awesome power, State Farm could do nothing but watch the leviathan hurricane augur the Gulf, trying to decide which sovereignty it would smash to smithereens. Didn’t really matter, State Farm was sure to hemorrhage its record profits, and the thought of it was killing everyone. No one . . . no select senator, congressman, lobbyist, corrupt federal judge or ex-FBI man could do anything this time.

Katrina was aiming for Louisiana-Mississippi. Hourly alerts spewed out to department heads, permeating every building on the so-called Bloomington “campus.” In the days ahead, scores of corn fed, flat-butted minions – “Stepfords” – the townspeople called them, would be summoned from various corporate divisions: legal, claims, Cat services, underwriting, media relations, data management, etc. Even the draconian “Claims Counsel” would be called into session.

Katrina threatened to burn a hole in the company’s record profits. With 800 in-house lawyers, State Farm had nearly perfected the art of defeating claim payments, but given the scale of Katrina, this simply wouldn’t do here. The situation demanded that the smartest guys in the room come up with a solid mitigation strategy. Continue reading “Federal Flood Coverage, A Love Story”

SLABBED Daily – October 2

A short post – appropriately enough, it’s Friday and most everyone would like a short day to start the weekend early.

Then again, some of us need to start the weekend early.  I’m thinking my eyes could use the rest as it appears I prematurely announced the settlement of Lizana v State Farm.  You just can’t imagine my shock at seeing the case listed yesterday.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post anything other than a mention of the motion filed yesterday.  However, if my eyes did not fail me, this may be the only opportunity I have to post a resurrection:

The parties respectfully requests that the Court extend the Plaintiff’s deadline for designation of experts until October 15, 2009, and extend Defendant’s deadline for designation of experts until November 16, 2009…In support of said Motion the parties would state that the parties are in agreement that said extension will not affect any other currently pending deadlines, and is necessary for the parties to prepare their respective cases.

Counsel for Bossier in Bossier v State Farm is probably going to need to give her eyes a rest after what appears to be a busy weekend in the making:

TEXT ONLY ORDER denying Plaintiff’s Motion for Extension of Time to file motions in limine. Plaintiff shall file his motions in limine no later than October 5, 2009. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE. Signed by District Judge L. T. Senter, Jr., on October 1, 2009.

Geeze, one day into the month and the tricking and treating has already started.  Spooky!

Save the date! FEMA sets up “Listening Session” on NFIP reforms

Thou shall not claims dump! H/T to a reader:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will host a Listening Session to discuss reform of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on November 5th and 6th in Washington, DC. The goal of the session will be to engage our partners, stakeholders and customers to hear about the key issues facing the program, identify where there is common understanding and to document the diversity of opinions concerning the optimum implementation of the flood insurance program.

The listening session will be held at the Marriott Renaissance M Street Hotel at 1143 New Hampshire Ave, NW Washington, DC 20037. The session will begin at 1:00 pm on November 5th and conclude at noon on November 6th. A block of rooms has been reserved for those traveling from out of town. To make your hotel reservations, call reservations at (800) 468-3571 or (202) 775-0800. Reference “NFIP Stakeholder Listening Session” when inquiring about reservations. Space will be limited for the meeting. Please RSVP your attendance via email to Nancy Betress at [email protected] or phone (202) 646-3680.

More details will be sent to you along with an official invitation. For more information on the NFIP reform, contact Butch Kinerney, Communications Chief, FEMA Mitigation, at (202) 646-3228 or by email at [email protected]

Thank you very much for your interest in the NFIP and we look forward to seeing you in November.

Ummm Ashton, we finally found out where the “[email protected] D%&m FBI” has been Part Deux: James Gill puts in his 2 cents at the T-P

Hat Tip Editilla who also has a killer Frank Zappa video posted today though I don’t think former FBI agent John Guandolo’s dalliance with Dollar Bill witness Lori Mody involved S&M. IMHO there are few editorial columnists as talented as the Times Picayune’s James Gill:

It’s just as well John Guandolo was not the FBI agent assigned to St. John Parish President Bill Hubbard’s case.

The investigation would have been measured in illicit sexual encounters, And when it was all over the feds could hardly have denounced the adulterer Hubbard from the rooftops if such a serial fornicator as Guandolo had been on the job.

Luckily, it could not be. Guandolo, who helped nail Dollar Bill in Virginia, had left the FBI before Hubbard hit on the idea of taking bribes from government contractors to buy his squeeze some new wheels.

Thus, the feds can take a somewhat ambivalent attitude on the matter of straying husbands. If the goat is a defendant, he must confess his sins, even if they do not affect the disposition of his case. If a G-man beds a crucial witness, potentially compromising the entire investigation, the least said the better. Continue reading “Ummm Ashton, we finally found out where the “[email protected] D%&m FBI” has been Part Deux: James Gill puts in his 2 cents at the T-P”

Friday Music: Spring days from back in the day……

Wayyyyy back in the day I had the pleasure of associating with a older member of the fairer sex who turned me on the the oldies (among other things :mrgreen: ). That in turn started my life long love affair for music from the generation prior to mine.

Nowdy sent out a suggested oldies music post that will run later this weekend and in following her link I ran across another oldie but goodie that brought back some pleasant memories. Enjoy.


Oh hell lets make it a twofer Continue reading “Friday Music: Spring days from back in the day……”