Breaking news from the Sun Herald! Warr pleads, charges against wife dropped

The Sun Herald has the breaking news!

Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr pleaded guilty Friday morning to one count of defrauding FEMA, and all other charges against him have been dropped. He was sentenced to three years probation and will have to pay $9,558 restitution.

Charges against his wife, Laura Warr, have been dropped by prosecutors.

About two dozens Warr supporters were in a federal courtroom this morning as Warr entered his plea.

A statement from the Warrs is expected shortly.

The Warrs had been accused of lying about their losses to receive relief funds from FEMA, a $150,000 homeowner’s grant and insurance proceeds. Prosecutors contended they did not live in a beachfront home they claimed as their primary residence when Katrina hit.

The Warrs were also accused of falsifying their income on bank loans…

Hopefully, Sop can add local color.


7 thoughts on “Breaking news from the Sun Herald! Warr pleads, charges against wife dropped”

  1. Today’s plea clears Mrs Warr out of harms way and lets the feds off the hook for trying the case. I always said the one FEMA charge would prove problematic for the Warrs and in the end it was the charge to which he plead guilty. The insurance fraud charges and charges related to the MDA grant were bogus all along in the finest tradition of indicting the proverbial ham sandwich.

    Those that hate Brent Warr are having a hard time with this turn of events as witnessed by the comments to the article. Those remarks are based on the mistaken notion that he had to physically live at his house to have it qualify as his primiary residence. The guidelines used by MDA were never that restrictive despite the rantings of other bloggers that were not so much interested in facts as much pursuing personal vendettas.

    After the storm I well remember the FEMA application process – everyone got $2K but to get more assiatnce you had to be renting or incur certain additonal cost. In my own case I had someplace else I owned to live, disclosed that fact and got no money. My best friend did qualify but after his employer stepped up with housing for their workforce he actually mailed the uncashed check back to FEMA.

    When it came time to collect FEMA money for rental assistance Brent Warr had a choice to make. He made the wrong one.


  2. Just a thought, Sop, but if someone lost their “primary residence” to the storm and was living and/or moved in property that deprived the owner of rent, on what basis is the property owner not entitled to compensation for lost rental income from FEMA?

  3. The “Honor Code” at West Point says: “I do not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” I have always “tried” to live my life by that Code of Conduct, although I concede that “wives and girlfriends” may be lied to, but only for their own good, if you know what i mean. Mayor Warr should have followed the Honor Code in his post-KATRINA dealings with the Federal Government and its agencies and instrumentalities. Obviously, he didn’t and was forced to pay a heavy price. But there are two (2) things that strike me as cruel ironies in this case: (1) Were our tax dollars wisely spent for the prosecution of such a “petty” crime after Mayor Warr agreed to make restitution? (2) Forget the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a minute, and re-focus on New Orleans: Have ANY “public servants”, State, Federal or Municipal, been prosecuted by the Federal Government for the obvious malfeasance which needlessly killed and injured so many innocent people, and destroyed or damaged so much property? Mayor Warr shouldn’t have lied, or tried to get something to which he was not legally entitled. But once confronted (or shown the error of his ways) and agreeing to make restitution, that should have ended the matter (reinforced by the suspension of his sentence, which I believe says “something” about his intent). This was a wanton waste of tax dollars.

  4. Nowdy, it is guideline laid down by federal bureaucrats. Therefore, logic is not a factor.

    These are the same people who would like to make personal medical decisions for you, Sop and me.

  5. Looking the language of the indictment only, which says nothing about his claimed facts, he got a deal here.

  6. The FEMA funds were to help people who were displaced. If thet were not living in the house they were not displaced. There is no landlord income guaranty program nor should there be. Landlords should have insurance. Even if it is not fraud the Warrs should have to pay back the homeowner grant. It was meant for people who were displaced and not intended for beachfront homeowners who did not have the sense to buy flood insurance.

  7. The FEMA guidleines come from the Stafford Act. The MDA grant guidelines were developed by the Mississippi Development Authority.

    Brian there were too many other instances where MDA gave consideration to special circumstances in awarding their homeowner grant. While the Warrs were obvioulsy still renovating the property it fit their definition of primary residence when all the facts and circumstances were considered. As such I have no problem with the Warrs getting the $150K.

    Juriscribe I agree Brent Warr got a good deal but some of those counts were also pure BS as was Stan Harris’ press release on the plea which contained this missive “no one is above the law”.


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