To the Superbowl and Beyond….

I’ve been holding on to Jeff Duncan’s first major Saints column of the season since training camp began. I like college football but to me Saturdays are a warmup for Sunday. Last September around this time Nowdy found out I spend my Sundays with the Saints. Nothing that transpired over the next several weeks since Duncan penned that column has changed his basic premise, that it will be defense that takes the league’s #1 offense to the Superbowl. Ladies and Gentlemen with a bit of luck this will be our year:

Unfortunately for Williams, he has no choice in the matter.

He was fitted with the crown the day he accepted Sean Payton’s lucrative three-year offer to lead the Saints’ defense.

Like it or not, he’s the bleepin’ savior.

The Saints open their 43rd training camp Thursday knowing they will go as far this season as their overhauled defense takes them.

Ten starters return from the league’s top-ranked offense.

The special teams appear to have been solidified.

A defense ranked near the bottom of the league in nearly every major category the past two seasons is the lone, glaring, overriding question mark.

Can the Saints stop someone with the game is on the line?

Can the front seven pressure the quarterback?

Can the secondary break up and intercept passes?

Williams was hired to provide answers.

Somehow, some way the defense must improve, or the Saints will miss the playoffs for the eighth time in nine seasons.

And that clearly will not sit well with anyone, least of all owner Tom Benson, who’s seen little return on his significant investment the past two seasons.

Of course, none of this is a revelation. The Saints’ training camp song seemingly always remains the same.

It’s the defense, stupid.

I can’t begin to explain this area’s love affair with our lovable losers except it is matched in only a few NFL markets. Lets get it on and bring dat Lombardi thang down south for a spell.


9 thoughts on “To the Superbowl and Beyond….”

  1. Haven’t been yet Nowdy – my boy and I were rained out last night. Plus we do Wednesday night football now too. (That’s my boy…..) 🙂

    Doesn’t mean nothing is happening that way though H1N1 caused the Rocks a few problems in Jackson 1 week ago.

    Check this out.

    I’ve got a few friends at AHS. Next week ought to be good.


  2. I read the Prep game was one of the best football games ever – am certain you would have liked a different score but still a compliment to both teams.

    Is little Sop playing ball?

  3. Sorry to say Sop, they won the game but lost some fans – all in all a pretty low class effort IMO and that of others I’ve talked to since the game ended. It’s one thing to stop Favre and another altogether to do it the way they did.

  4. This is pro football Nowdy. Playoff football in particular is a nasty affair. The hits were clean and there were no cheap shots. In the end it was Brett’s penchant for forcing throws that did him in.

    With the Saints-Colts we have our boys against another home boy. I think we beat Indy.


  5. Maybe not “cheap” by pro football “standards” but what I saw when the D went after Favre looked more like the thugs that have made New Orleans famous than “professional” anything – had about as much class as Nationwide going after Mrs. Politz!

  6. Back when the Saints played Green Bay for the first big bowl game. I knew it was a new deal with Brees and all. I didn’t think it was so bad that Green Bay made it last time. The wife and I thought the Saints were slack in that game. So before the game yesterday she turns to me and asked did I feel the Saints would be slack this time around. Huh? I don’t think so.

    Lets see Brett was a long time player who should have gotten a chance at the surper bowl ring and he did. His chance came by way of beating New Orleans last time, but here were again. No I said, in fact Brett just might be the target of hungry bunch of guys all wanting a ring of their own. Then the more I thought of it I told her I was hoping he didn’t get hurt. She sure took interest in those sacks. It was something watching her watching them and understand the must or bust of the outcome.

  7. Defenders happily answer to the term thug or worse. Back in the 1970s and 80s the game was far dirtier IMHO by magnitudes.

    If Minnesota had the chance to jack up Brees they would have done it in a heartbeat, it is simply the way the game is played.

    Robert nailed it, our boys are hungry for a ring. I hope they are able to knock around Peyton Manning in 2 weeks like they did Warner and Favre.

    Brett is one tough dude. He’ll heal up just fine.


  8. The hits were vicious, but clean. The Saints fans showed great respect for Favre, at least where I was. He could be the toughest player ever. He had his time, our turn now. Who Dat!

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