“Dr Death” Anna Pou gets a second looksie

I was recently emailed the link to the recent NY Times Magazine article on Dr Pou which took a fresh look at the actions of several of the Docs at Memorial Hospital after Katrina and as one particularily well placed reader in the NOLA area put it, the emergent facts are “most disturbing”.

Minyard told me that his feelings were less sympathetic than he let Pou know. He believed he would have at least tried to save Emmett Everett. There must have been a way to get the 380-pound man downstairs, he said he thought. It also bothered Minyard that documentation suggested that few of the elderly patients who died were being treated for pain.

Minyard reached out to the noted University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan for more advice. Caplan reviewed the records and concluded that all nine LifeCare patients on the seventh floor were euthanized, and that the way the drugs were given was “not consistent with the ethical standards of palliative care that prevail in the United States.” Those standards are clear, Caplan wrote, in that the death of a patient cannot be the goal of a doctor’s treatment.

Evidently New Orleans DA Leon Cannizzaro thinks so as well as it was announced that his office has reopened the criminal investigation of the events at Memorial Hospital. Even better for the cause of justice is that a drunk won’t be in charge of running it.

Will Dr Pou’s use of the local State Farm defense law firm and PR firm make a difference now that the facts are finally seeing the light of day? It has worked for State Farm thus far on the Katrina coast so the odds on the street to this point are even. The playbook is called how to get away with murder……..

Where some of the other blogs that covered this story all went wrong is there were plenty of hospitals in NOLA that had the very same problems experienced at Memorial that somehow managed NOT to euthanize their patients.


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  1. I know a neonatal nurse at Charity who claims her ward didn’t lose a single baby.

    NOLA Doc nailed it straight away. Now think of the PR firm and tell me if they are absent from the commentary. Of course not they’ve been the loudest bunch this entire time skillfully driving the local news coverage.

    The problem with being above the law is it is human nature to assume one always will be in that status. Dick Scruggs made that mistake as did them Memorial docs with their interview with the Times. Cannizarro could not ignore what they said.

    The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It’s drawn the finest people.

    Get yer popcorn ready.


  2. UPDATE~TP: Whoops! Cannizzaro: get it right:
    –My office has not reopened an investigation into the deaths at Memorial Hospital in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As District Attorney, I have a legal obligation to evaluate statements regarding possible criminal activity in this jurisdiction. I am making that kind of evaluation, but that does not constitute an investigation by this office.
    Statement from Orleans Parish District Attorney,
    Leon A. Cannizzaro, Jr

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