Weatherly v State Farm: The Farm tried to quash the Beno recordings

But alas those damming transcripts I posted late yesterday and today were ruled relevant by Judge Fallon. Personally I hope, should Congress hold hearings in conjunction with the reauthorization of the NFIP, that Ms Beno be called to DC to further illuminate and expand on what she told the Weatherly’s PI. I don’t know how much but I strongly suspect this case settled out for many times over the Weatherly’s policy limits to keep the certain to be bad jury verdict out of the media. So while we don’t have a verdict on the record we do have the phone transcripts and tapes which should never be confused with an illegal wiretap. Now for Judge Fallon’s order for anyone in the media that is so interested:

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ps. Mr Chaney’s Market Conduct Study where he went after the Rigsby sisters is looking sillier by the minute. I’m certain his next election opponent will find its contents most useful.