A quick note Ocean Oil v O’Dwyer

We are watching Judge Lemelle’s actions in Ocean Oil v O’Dwyer and though we don’t condone Ashton’s choice of words or many of his methods, the man deserves justice like anyone else and he is not getting it from Judge Lemelle. Is it proper for the Judge that disbarred Ashton to be hearing any other cases involving him given their history of personal animus? The only reason we have not posted in depth on this is time constraints.

Judge Lemelle should have taken his cue from Judge Biggers IMHO.


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  1. You might take this the wrong way, but I’m not worried about what you think about me at this point. I see someone suffering a terrible medical problem which can be treated quite easily. Even if I am wrong if you play it right you will get your license back and get a new Judge to boot. It’s Doctor’s orders right. Use the medical excuse and don’t goto Court. Sure many will say you were just “faking it” to get out of trouble but those people don’t matter do they.

    Are you in it to win it or does pride rule the day? I promise you if you go this route you can have someone ELSE file for a change in Judges as recommended by Dr. Depaulo and you will get it.

    Flip the script and be the victim. Reverse the game and let the Judge be exposed for the “abusive person ” he has been to a “poor Katrina victim” who needed medical help if he does not give you everything you ask for after you are identified as needing “help”. I would do it in a heartbeat and I’d probably win. You came to his Court suffering a Katrina induced medical problem and he treated you like what??? You will need the medical diagnosis first and Depaulo is the top expert in the world.

    Good luck and I wish you well with your decision. I am glad it is not my problem because it does seem to be a rather bad problem. God Bless.



    PS I wouldn’t for a second let the “he is faking it to get out of trouble” crowd stop me from heading straight to victimhood. We are a Nation of Victims and you my friend my have just found your ticket to winning this thing. Be the victim and win. Again good luck and God bless.

  2. My experience with Judge Ivan Lemelle is that he goes out of his way to be fair to all parties. I have been before him as both a lawyer and a litigant.

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