The Lockerbie Bomber and Big Oil


Ever seen pictures of Muslim kids rocking back and forth in a madrasa school? Think vacation bible school on anabolic steroids. Seriously, it’s pretty sad. Little kids, like 5 and 6 spend the whole day kneeling, rocking back and forth while they monotonously recite the Koran for hours on end. Some of these kids are regimented like this for years and years. I have no medical idea what happens to the human psyche when a brain is robotically programmed this way, but it helps me comprehend the phenomena of suicide bombing. Scientists say we’re hard wired for survival and nothing is more repugnant to human nature than self-destruction. So, if that’s true, how does a person’s natural, hard wired instinct to live get overwritten by a phony religious command from Allah to blow oneself to smithereens? Remember the 60’s phrase “brainwashing,” to me it’s no more or less complicated than that.

So what’s the point? Well, it seems one such brainwashed Muslim grew up, made a bomb and in 1988 vaporized 259 people aboard an airplane over Scotland, and murdered 11 more on the ground. But he didn’t do the suicide thing. He hid the bomb in a Samsonite suitcase. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, head of security for Libyan airlines finally was caught for masterminding the plot. After a preposterously convoluted trial lasting 9 years, he was finally convicted and shut away in a Scottish prison. 

Last week the Muslim got a get-out-of-jail-free card, 19 years early, and went home to Libya. Then came an impassioned international outcry, mainly by the families of people he blew up. Everyone wondered . . . what in the world is Scotland, a seemingly civilized country, thinking? Political officials across the world issued harsh rebukes. Finally responding to international pressure the Scots were forced to speak. Here’s what they told us: the Muslim was released early on compassionate grounds, as “he had terminal prostate cancer.”

A few more days of worldwide anger boiled-up, and then it came out . . . this wasn’t the real reason he was let go . . .it was a private offshore oil deal.

British Petroleum is the 5th largest multi-national corporation in the world. People like the Rothschilds own it, and when they’re not at director’s meetings, they jet down to Libya to attend the birthday party for Muammar Gadaffi’s son, Saif.

A few years ago BP sent its negotiators (Tony Blair et al) down to Libya to work out a new offshore oil deal, worth 15 billion pounds (in US dollars = 24.39 Billion) to people like the Rothschilds. The negotiation worked, or so everyone thought. Turns out the Libyans held up the signing, and added a new condition – let the Muslim mass murderer out of prison 19 years early.

Last week al-Megrahi arrived back in Libya amid celebration. And now, we belatedly find out the real reason – a private Rothschild oil deal. What actually happened here is some obscenely rich owners of the 5th largest corporation in the world, i.e., the Rothchilds, a billionaire Russian, and sundry other Lords and noblemen, salivating to close a 15 billion pound oil deal, finessed the “governments” of two supposedly sovereign countries, Scotland and Britain, to free a mass murderer so their oil deal would get signed. Two hundred seventy (270) lives were trashed like yesterday’s fish and chips wrapper, so that a handful of avaricious global profiteers could bag another 24 billion dollar deal.
The next time someone tells you nothing is wrong with big corporations purchasing our legislatures through lobbyists, or buying our governorships and judge’s seats with suitcases full of campaign cash, think back on those folks who went over the wall in Britain and invented this country a couple hundred years ago. Sometimes it looks to me like “governments” are actually false “con-structs” anyway . . . mere costumes the super rich and powerful put on to stage the play “Democracy, One Man, One Vote, Ain’t it Great!” Oh hell, there I go again with conspiracy theories.

3 thoughts on “The Lockerbie Bomber and Big Oil”

  1. Blair is now touting for Catholicism because there’s nothing quite like faith for taking our minds off what is really going on.

    In typical Blair fashion he recetly hopped ashore from the five decked luxury yacht of multi billionaire Larry Ellison to legure the people of Sardinia (not the most prosperous community in the world) on how they need to remember their religion requires of them humility, compassion and a rejection of wealth and materialism.

    now its Tony Blair the Papal Emmissary

    It seems the great conspiracy is getting above itself.

  2. When the locals feel left out of the money being generated out of their Nations natural resources don’t worry there are other corporate partners to lend a hand in getting the wealth out of harms way—


  3. The Rothchilds need to pay us poor cajuns megabucks for their cheap stupid way of drilling in our waters! The super rich like the Rothchilds don’t give a damn that they caused the release of the terrorist just like they don’t give a damn about the waters of the world. All the British Petroleum dealers listen up ! – you may want to close your doors now cause no true American should buy any gas from your stations for a long time!

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