The first Slabbed Legal Confab was a success

And then some in my opinion. Many thanks to Steve who organized the meeting space  We had 5 policyholder lawyers representing 5 different firms from both sides of the state line come compare notes. I think everyone learned something.

For my part it brought back memories of the sultry sounding women that man the Farm’s call centers. Many of these highly seasoned claims professionals could have lucrative careers in the 900 numbers IMHO.

Meantime we’re working to get our hands on one of them call center depos to find out if the sweet voice on the other end belongs to a black widow.

If there is interest in the policyholder legal community we may organize another confab in a few months.


2 thoughts on “The first Slabbed Legal Confab was a success”

  1. a casually brilliant group of attorneys made it time well spent – just not as much time as I’d liked after my unexpected tour of southern Forrest County on the way down! My thanks to Steve and all.

  2. Perhaps we could form a slabbed dump for all the information which lawyers have accumulated on State Farm—Plus some nice suggestions for discover?

    The Slabbed Farm Dump—We prefer toxic waste.

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