Slabbed Daily – August 21

The Daily Journal has a brief story reporting Zach Scruggs “appears” to have been released from federal custody; but, the talented Patsy Brumfield must have been in a hurry as the story “appears” to be thrown together.

David Zachary “Zach” Scruggs, 35, appears to be free from U.S. Bureau of Prisons custody after serving a 14-month sentence for knowing about a felony but failing to report it.

Out of respect for Patsy, I’ll leave the rest of the story for those who want to read he was “reportedly” released from a half-way house transition program in Tupelo on Wednesday or that he has a “degree in accountancy”.

Likewise, out of respect for Judge Biggers, those who want to read the “plead [sic] deal” offered by the government was probation” but he “ordered him imprisoned for 14 months with a fine of $250,000” will need to link to the Journal’s news [sic] story.

Last, and out of respect for Zach, I’ll end without filling this space with platitudes and won’t even repeat the Welcome back! we offered in February.  Instead, I’ll close with this slightly edited version of Sop’s comment.

…if he came back to the coast and wanted to throw back a vodka tonic on a hot summer day chances are we’d join him…Perhaps when he is better able Zach will stop in and say hi. I know we would love to hear from him.

That we would!

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  1. Zach is the attorney-son of Richard “Dickie” Sruggs, Sr., correct? I read one of his criminal transcripts (I believe it was the one outlining the plea), but never saw anything regarding what his final sentence was…well, now I know. I just haven’t completed all of my “readings” yet under the “Legal” section of yours truly, SLABBED.

    Great reporting Nowdy & Sop.


  2. Yep. My mom got paid very well because of the information the Scruggs got out about fake engineering reports. I’ll leave out the details but not the thanks. Thanks for letting us know about the fraud in the industry. It let everyone get a better deal.

    This one goes out the Zack and his family——Q97pG4&feature=fvw

    Two points for anyone in life.—

    One my dad loved me very much. That is all that really matters to me in this world.

    Second, I once made a mistake and was told this by a wise man.

    Go out and hold your head high around town.

    I did this and it worked. Everyone was glad to see me, even the person I had the problem with. If I knew Zack that would be what I’d tell him. And that he’s a young man who has a lot more he can do for the world.

  3. Steve, I really enjoyed listening to Jimmy Buffet just now and watching his video. He said the Boston Whaler was his first boat – wonder he if ever felt the “need for speed” and moved up to a Donzi later on? Or maybe he felt the “need for comfort” and bought a Hatteras! Ok, getting off the subject here.

    I really feel bad for Zach. Here he is at his father’s lawfirm, a young, impressionable Attorney virtually starting out – talk about being @ the wrong place @ the wrong time. It really is a shame that he will not be able to resume his livelihood of practicing law but, from what I’ve read, he cannot. I’m sure he’s happy to be out and home w/his wife, kids, family and friends.

    I don’t know you, Zach, but I hope things work out (and get better) for you. Indeed, they already have: YOU’RE HOME!! 🙂


  4. Me, too, Shirley. Under English common law, misprision of a felony was a misdemeanor with exceptions made for close family members – until the English abolished it all together in the around 1967.

    Reportedly it was going to be reclassified here but retained as to deter terrorism an I’m not certain it has ever been applied in that context.

    People rant about the lack of State prosecution without realizing that under State law there would be not crime because Judge Lackey (with the blessing of Department of Justice) asked for money and wasn’t offered a bribe.

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