Rigsby sisters add to qui tam legal team – hmmm…

Applications to appear as counsel pro hac vice are a dime a dozen in Katrina litigation.  Even then, “lawyering up” is something I usually see from a party on the downside of an issue – and clearly the Rigsby sisters were on the up side after Judge Senter ruled in their favor.

Scot GilbertThe addition of Scott Gilbert could be nothing more than the chairman and co-founder of Gilbert Oshinsky making his association official.

Based in Washington, DC, with offices in Los Angeles and Austin, Gilbert Oshinsky LLP is a law firm representing a wide range of clients, including corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations and individuals in complex disputes, including  high-stakes litigation, bankruptcy matters, class actions and ADRs.  Best known for representing policyholder interests in insurance coverage matters, Gilbert Oshinsky LLP also has an active public interest practice that specializes in complex multi-plaintiff actions involving cutting-edge issues.

Then, again, a look at his biography suggests the addition of Scott Gilbert sends a message.

An internationally recognized innovator in the field of strategic ADR, Scott has crafted creative and workable solutions to some of the most complex legal challenges in mass torts.

Over the course of his career, Scott has helped elevate the prominence of ADR in legal and public venues as a valuable strategic option in negotiating and settling contentious multiparty disputes.

The message, however, could simply be he’s ready for the challenge of working in a place where strategic ADR means meet me out back and anything other than whup a$$ is sissy stuff like the MID mediation that shielded so much of the fraudulent billing of wind damage to the NFIP.

We’ll know for certain, I suppose, if he rides in on a Harley.

3 thoughts on “Rigsby sisters add to qui tam legal team – hmmm…”

  1. Hey Nowdy! You’re sure right about Attorneys being admitted Pro Hac Vice “a dime a dozen” in your area, but, hey, at least the Rigsby sisters actually got a COMPETENT one – a specialist if you will (according to what I’ve read about him anyway).

    And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s HANDSOME! 🙂


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