Congressman Gene Taylor’s Town Hall Meeting #2

Meeting over!  Sop sent link to Billy Bova’s Twitter feed for more observations about meeting –

Sop starting to post updates in comments on blog – check comments!

how about adding latest news from the top?

Sop reports crowd with Gene on insurance.  A lady in the crowd “not everyone can afford insurance with lost jobs…crowd “boo”…Gene says he doesn’t support the health insurance legislation…gets Standing O for the remark…asked if he would support compromise…that we already spend a lot on health care

Post #2 began here:

Sop’s report has changed over the last 5 or so minutes.

Gene discussing national defense…

Crowd very well behaved…

<teabagger making idiot of himself>

Gene not backing down…

Crowd chanting health care…

Police gathering in their own confab…

Positioning to throw idiots out…

GOP guy making polite point about health care…Medicaid fraud…

Officer tells idiot to shut up…

Woman giving the crowd what for the mess is from both parties…(adding picture to other post)

Crowd responding well to Gene on anti trust…he tells them we need insurance reform…

Still a couple of loudmouths out there, though…

13 thoughts on “Congressman Gene Taylor’s Town Hall Meeting #2”

  1. The crowd has been racous but well behaved overall except for a few loudmouths. The crowd has been generally receptive to the points Gene is making.


  2. Gene now tackling a question on immigration. Crowd in frenzy.

    Turned questiomn around on person who ran down Pelosi and asked why he was not a republican.


  3. Very good meeting. I like a variety of opinions being talked about and expressed. Great crowd. Cute little kids in this video waving Old Glory. Gene your one lucky guy and one helll of a Congressman. But what is the foundation of your life outside of Church is your marriage. Without your wife none of this would matter. Thanks for showing the Nation how good we ALL get along. A little on the Jerry Springer at times from the crowd. Moss Point PD deserves an award for tonight. Great job guys.

  4. We had a great night. You will feel the whole wide world is coming raining down on you brought curtesy of the red, white and blue. I want to thank the Tea Party called Gulf Coast 912 or something like that. I learned so much about how to do rallies from you guys. I thought at first you are non-partison so you could goto both republican and democratic events even when its the same canidates. Like you promote a guy for the House. AND goto his opponates rally because you are not of either party. But you have but one vote to give. Repblicans get treated very respectfully from Tea Party guys UNLESS the republican supports a democratic bill. Then he is demonized. Getting back to the dem’s you raise hell and disrupt the dem’s meetings and then show how civil the republic meetings are. But its the same people causing problems at the dem’s events who are respectfull at the repbulican evernts. Pick a canidate and support them. Leave the other guy alone and don’t go boo his events down. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  5. I thought the majority of the teabaggers were respectful and rational but there was an element there that would have fit in well on the old Jerry Springer show. I’d like to think their mommas raised them better.

    I’m going to sleep and gather my thoughts but a sneak peak can be found on Professor Dan Airely’s blog, predictably irrational.


  6. A litle more research on the Hattiesburg chapter of 912 group and the first person I look into has this information.

    This is the myspace for a guy running for Congress against Gene Taylor. Look at his top 8 friends section and who do you see but the group leader of the hattiesburg chapter of 912.

    This is the tea party group advertiser.

    Here is her unbiased report on Gene’s Town Hall meeting—

    Her is her line of work. PR and internet website stuff—

  7. What I don’t get is this part of their website which the same lady as above Ms. West wrote or uploaded—

    Our Motto

    We are not Republicans, Democrats or any other political party. We are Americans and together we can make a difference.

    Ms. West reports on another website that in May of this year she endorsed one of Gene’s opponents.

  8. Here is anouther one of Joe Tegerdine for Congress 2010’s top 8 friends. He simply goes by the name The No Hassle Home Buyer. Can you guess the impact of the preditory loan bill might have on this guys business?

    It is looking very suspicious that alot of these people supporting this guy for Congress are in the Subprime loan business and do not want the bill to pass which would give consumers protection from loan sharks.

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