Well here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Part Deux: Judge Senter lowers the boom on the topic of State Farm’s cancerous Katrina claims handling. Slabbed Congratulates Henry and June Kuehn

laurel and hardyI suspect the appraisal panel for Henry and June Kuehn must be feeling good that the product of their honest day’s work was affirmed in total, especially State Farm’s boogey man Lewis O’Leary.

Judge Senter doesn’t seem amused by the jackassery of State Farm’s Oxford Mississippi based lawyers Scot Spragins and Lucky Tucker of Hickman, Goza and Spragins.

What we’ve found on slabbed is that some lawyers and law firms will do anything to stay on the insurance defense money train. It is our hope that the Kuehn’s lawyer will re-file motions to have the dysfunctional duo booted from the case as they are witnesses to an extraordinary act of insurance bad faith. Our readers will no doubt recall the original motion was dismissed without prejudice, meaning it could be brought back up when the moment was right.

The folks at the Denham law firm have done a tremendous job beclowning Spragins and Tucker while simultaneously laying bare State Farm’s sleazy methods of cheating  their homeless policyholders:

Minor testified he found Tucker’s instructions confusing and inconsistent with his (Minor’s) understanding of his responsibilities as an appraiser. Minor’s confusion and uncertainty concerning Tucker’s instructions were sufficient to prompt him to ask that Tucker either provide his instructions in writing or furnish a modified court order reflecting those instructions. Tucker declined Minor’s request for either of these forms of clarification. Although Tucker attended the evidentiary hearing, he did not take the witness stand to clarify or contradict what Minor had to say about their conversation.

Minor’s dissatisfaction was such that he asked Tucker to hire another appraiser and relieve him (Minor) of his responsibilities in this case. Tucker refused this request. Minor turned to Land and to other State Farm representatives for assistance in understanding his instructions, and Minor ultimately came away with the understanding he was to follow his ordinary practices in performing this appraisal. Minor testified that is exactly what he did.

After meeting together to discuss the damage they observed during the joint inspection of the plaintiffs’ residence, the members of the panel, at Minor’s instance, agreed all damage below the water line on the second floor would be excluded from consideration in the appraisal. The plaintiffs contended some of the damage below the Case 1:08-cv-00577-LTS-RHW Document 85 Filed 08/17/2009 Page 4 of 10 water line was attributable to covered wind and rain damage rather than exclusively to flooding, but plaintiffs’ representative, O’Leary, nevertheless agreed to exclude this damage from consideration. After discussing the damages they observed above the second-story water line, Minor, O’Leary, and Voelpel unanimously agreed the total covered loss was $174,881.80. The three members of the panel all signed a report reflecting this conclusion…….. Continue reading “Well here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Part Deux: Judge Senter lowers the boom on the topic of State Farm’s cancerous Katrina claims handling. Slabbed Congratulates Henry and June Kuehn”

Congressman Gene Taylor’s Town Hall Meeting #2

Meeting over!  Sop sent link to Billy Bova’s Twitter feed for more observations about meeting – http://twitter.com/endmoronism

Sop starting to post updates in comments on blog – check comments!

how about adding latest news from the top?

Sop reports crowd with Gene on insurance.  A lady in the crowd “not everyone can afford insurance with lost jobs…crowd “boo”…Gene says he doesn’t support the health insurance legislation…gets Standing O for the remark…asked if he would support compromise…that we already spend a lot on health care

Post #2 began here:

Sop’s report has changed over the last 5 or so minutes.

Gene discussing national defense…

Crowd very well behaved…

<teabagger making idiot of himself>

Gene not backing down…

Crowd chanting health care…

Police gathering in their own confab…

Positioning to throw idiots out…

GOP guy making polite point about health care…Medicaid fraud…

Officer tells idiot to shut up…

Woman giving the crowd what for the mess is from both parties…(adding picture to other post)

Crowd responding well to Gene on anti trust…he tells them we need insurance reform…

Still a couple of loudmouths out there, though…

Congressman Gene Taylor’s Town Hall Meeting

taylor 1Sop is on site and has been for an hour now.  He’s now reporting the crowd is so large that some may be turned away.  One of the first photographs he said shows an early crowd standing in line.

The crowd came with signs - but I can't see what they say.
The crowd came with signs - but I can't see what they say.

I’m playing catch up at this point and pulling messages and photographs as fast as I can now.

I’ve had to bump two earlier pictures down to get this one in – but here’s Gene with the woman who calmed the crowd down (temporarily?) reminding them both parties were responsible for “the mess”!

Taylor 12

Light from the big window is giving Sop fits and clearly there is no room for him to move around - but here's Gene talking with the crowd not "at" it.
Light from the big window is giving Sop fits and clearly there is no room for him to move around - but here's Gene talking with the crowd not "at" it.
Taylor 2
Before the meeting started, Gene had a full house!

We’ll be live blogging Gene Taylor’s town hall meeting this evening

Tune in around 5:30 today as Nowdy will be posting my pictures and real time reports from the meeting which promises to be very interesting.

It is my hope the crowd, be it the most conservative, liberal and all in between that attend will ask questions and voice their opinions respectfully. Our ability to exhibit tolerance and respect differences of opinion is what makes this country great.  After all, God blesses all Americans – conservative, liberal and everyone in between.


Juriscribe tackles arbitration/mediation and exposes the sleazy underbelly of Justice Inc.

Juriscribe was kind enough to email us a guest post on the topic of forced arbitration and mediation and the brewing scandal in the for profit mediation industry that has finally attracted the attention of Congress.  When I think of mediation I think of the MID post Katrina mediation program which was effectively controlled by the insurers and was described by most of the policyholder particiapants I know as demeaning:

People get worn out,” he says. “They get tired of fighting and give up. Eventually, they take whatever they are offered.”

Hunter’s assertion is perfectly illustrated by the story of Pam Collins and Joy Panks, co-owners of the Twin Lights gift shop in Old Town Bay St. Louis.

“Our insurance company owed us $172,000,” Panks says. The last time she and Collins drove to Hattiesburg for mediation, a representative from their insurance company met them with a check for $55,000. The check was physically placed on the negotiating table, and the two women were given three chances to accept it. “The fourth time, they said they were going to pick it up,” Panks says.

“We were begging,” Collins confesses, thinking back over all the company’s previous offers. The bargaining started at $30,000, then went up to $40,000. “They said $55,000 was the last offer.”


“Privatization” is a euphemism for big, for-profit corporations in the private sector capturing the right to sell and operate traditional government services from the public sector, and billing it all back to us at grossly profitable rates. Used to be corporations had to keep their greedy-assed tentacles off government services, cause that’s what we pay taxes for. The idea of Wall Street running prisons . . . unthinkable! Not so fast, Bush hadn’t run yet. When Dubya got in, for-profits went on an 8 year privatization binge, grabbing every government service they could get their French-cuffed arms around. Privatization was just one of the profit plays opened up by the Chaney-Bush-Rove triumvirate, and was of course payback for Bush pay-to-play donations, a/k/a political bribes. Today, for-profits own and/or manage federal and state prisons (CCA and Wackenhut); run and control FEMA (CSC); own and control city water systems; and are pushing to get interstate roads and highways in the bag.  The sales pitch: private business can do it cheaper and better. (Right, let’s contract out our next war to Blackwater and KBR).

What’s all this got to do with arbitration and mediation? Well, for many years an outfit called American Arbitration Association (AAA) has been greasing political palms, hoping to privatize the justice and court system and turn into a billing bonanza, like the prison thing. They got a good sales pitch too: “folks, if you’re pro-business, we gotta stop the lawyers, courts and juries, and we gotta get mandatory mediation-arbitration clauses in every kind of contract, and even where we don’t have one, we gotta get the courts to first push everybody through mediation-arbitration.” First thing the insurance companies love about this AAA tune is the melodic line “bye-bye constitutional right to jury trial.” Second, “how sweet it is” that people gotta pay twice. They’ve already paid to build the courthouse and salary the judge and staff to work there, now they gotta pay AAA’s exorbitant hourly rates for all this stuff again. That ought’a teach ’em to screw with big business! (Incidentally, in Mississippi some of these same folks are right now pushing to invent a new court, God forbid, the so-called “business court”). Continue reading “Juriscribe tackles arbitration/mediation and exposes the sleazy underbelly of Justice Inc.”