Taylor’s Town Hall meeting to showcase “party manners”

Coast residents are planning to show their “party manners” at Congressman Taylor’s upcoming Town Hall meeting, according to this Sun Herald story.

White gloves are not required – but kid gloves may be needed,  Frankly, I doubt Gene if-there-was-a-hell-no-button-I’d-push-it Taylor has a pair of either:

South Mississippi Democrats plan to show solidarity and support for U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor at his town hall meeting Monday night, when the congressman is likely to face tough questioning from conservatives in a movement that has pressed officials at gatherings across the country this month.

Conservative Web sites are directing people to attend their representatives’ meetings to grill them about President Barack Obama’s health care plans, the economy and other issues.

Those planning to show up with the local “We Surround Them/912 Project” may have second thoughts and decide to grill their leader instead.

Dan TriplettOcean Springs resident Dan Triplett, founder of the Gulf Coast We Surround Them/912 Project, recently told the Sun Herald the movement isn’t as it’s being portrayed. “We’re getting pretty sick and tired of what they are saying about us in the media,” Triplett said. “Like that we’re organized by insurance companies and that they are sending us money to organize to go to these things. I wish somebody would send us some money because I am spending my own money on a lot of this stuff.

It’s certainly understandable that people would think Mr. Triplett is accepting money from the insurance industry.  After Katrina, he all but took quarters out of eyes:  h/t to eagle eye Steve for the link to this story.

Those without flood insurance may have even fewer options and buyer Dan Triplett expects many will sell quickly. Triplett, owner of Gulf Coast House Buyers, buys and sells property and has been particularly busy since the storm.

He’ll buy storm damaged property or nearly vacant lots for next to nothing. While real estate brokers find top-dollar buyers, Triplett makes cash deals or pays off mortgages in exchange for land.

I deal with the other part of the spectrum of the market: people who don’t necessarily care to get full price but they need to sell quickly,” said Triplett, who said most of his post-Katrina business has come from retirees and those who lost their jobs.

In the coming months, as severance pay runs out for casino workers, Triplett expects a “mass exodus” of people looking to sell quickly and leave.

Poor Mr. Triplett.  Maybe all he has are “party manners”.

U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor will hold one of his regularly scheduled town hall meetings Monday in Moss Point at the Pelican Landing Conference Center located at 6217 Mississippi 613. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. and is expected to last until 7:30 p.m. For more information, call 800-273-4363.

Liberty cannot be preserved, if the manners of the people are corrupted.

27 thoughts on “Taylor’s Town Hall meeting to showcase “party manners””

  1. The meeting should be interesting for certain Rick.

    Triplett: I am against Obama’s health care plan.

    Rep Taylor: So am I, one way we can fix things is to encourage competition by repealing the anit trust exemption health insurers enjoy.

    Triplett (Raising his voice): I said I was against Obama’s Health Care plan.

    Rep Taylor: Again so am I.

    Triplett (Now red faced and screaming): We not communicating YOU MUST VOTE AGAINST OBAMA”S HEALTH CARE PLAN.!!!

    I see from the story comments that old hit job “news report” from Mobile is still circulating on the internet. I too was at that Town Hall meeting and am glad Gene did not run us any later answering dumb questions from a reporter with a hidden agenda. We’ll see if the people posting this garbage will have any further questions after billions in NFIP fraud by insurance companies is completely exposed and litigated.


  2. Those wanting to see why Congressman Taylor has enjoyed enduring popularity with the people here in South Mississippi need look no further than this story than ran yesterday on WLOX.

    Having served himself and with his own progeny in the service Gene is not your typical chickenhawk politician that talks a good game whiles sending other peoples children into harms way.



  3. People have begun a spontanious viral blog forwarding of this post. If you want to join in the movement please copy the link to this post on your email and forward it to as many people you feel might want to know more about South Mississippi’s Dan Triplett, founder of the Gulf Coast We Surround Them/912 Project.

    Please ask the person who receives your email to forward it to as many of their friends as possible. Keep it going. See you at the meeting Monday Night and remember don’t forget your party manners. If you are currently wearing a tin foil hat please ignore this comment.

  4. this guy Triplett is lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut…taking advantage of prople at their lowest point. He needs to crawl back under the rock he emerged from!

  5. Dan Triplett on the anti predatory lending act recently passed by Congress (of course I hope you know he didn’t like this bill)-

    HR 1728–The Mortgage Reform and Anti Predatory Lending Act

    Yes. He supports predatory lending. Go figure. He says I am an expert on the subject. Triplett quote. I’ll copy the entire speach in a minute after I clean the puke off my computer.


  6. Triplett makes cash deals or pays off mortgages in exchange for land.
    And he does not like the anti preditory lending act for some reason. I think the below part is very good.


    (a) Assistance to NRC- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, of any amounts made available for any fiscal year pursuant to section 106(a)(4)(F) of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 U.S.C. 1701x(a)(4)(F)) (as added by section 404 of this Act), 10 percent shall be used only for assistance to the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation for activities, in consultation with servicers of residential mortgage loans, to provide notice to borrowers under such loans who are delinquent with respect to payments due under such loans that makes such borrowers aware of the dangers of fraudulent activities associated with foreclosure.

    (b) Notice- The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, in consultation with servicers of residential mortgage loans, shall use the amounts provided pursuant to subsection (a) to carry out activities to inform borrowers under residential mortgage loans–

    (1) that the foreclosure process is complex and can be confusing;

    (2) that the borrower may be approached during the foreclosure process by persons regarding saving their home and they should use caution in any such dealings;

    (3) that there are Federal Government and nonprofit agencies that may provide information about the foreclosure process, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development;

    (4) that they should contact their lender immediately, contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development to find a housing counseling agency certified by the Department to assist in avoiding foreclosure, or visit the Department

  7. (2) that the borrower may be approached during the foreclosure process by persons regarding saving their home and they should use caution in any such dealings;

  8. I hate to keep posting but this guy is really helpfull to people he buys property from. Check this out—

    To our fellow friend in need,

    Look no further for the solution to your house selling issue. The associates at Gulf Coast House Buyers are the most compassionate, professional and helpful individuals we have dealt with during a real estate transaction.

    After Katrina we, like so many others, were faced with mortgage payments on a house that was damaged and uninhabitable. Our employment situation changed and the thought of making the mortgage payments after the grace period was over was a staggering and depressing reality.

    With one phone call to Gulf Coast House Buyers we set up a meeting to view the property. We were amazed that they were not only interested, but started the process to close on the house. Within 10 days our worries were over and all the paperwork was complete. Our obligation for the mortgage payments disappeared like magic, including the back payments during the grace period.

    BUT that was not the end of their assistance and compassion. It was still necessary to view the house for insurance lawsuits, SBA and Grant processing. At every step of the way they went above and beyond our expectations. Never was our requests meet with any annoyance or resistance. They made all the arrangements needed to coordinate representatives from their company to allow access to the property around SBA, Grant and lawyers schedules. They were absolutely amazing.

    If you want to be treated like a person and not an acquisition these are the people you need to place your real estate solutions with.


    Joseph and Eileen Ioffredo

    Joseph and Eileen
    Coast, MS

  9. Sorry about this but I assume this does NOT constitute giving legal advice by a non-lawyer? I”m not a lawyer so I really don’t know the law on these things-

    Is Your House in Foreclosure?

    If you are facing a pending foreclosure, the best advice we can give you is to ACT NOW AND DON’T HESITATE ANOTHER MINUTE!

    Many people facing foreclosure do nothing but sit around and wait for a miracle. We all know the odds of that happening are unlikely at best. But what else can you do?

    Many homeowners seek advice from their attorney. And why not, attorneys are supposed to have all the answers, right? Maybe so, maybe not!

    They act on their attorney’s well intentioned advice and file bankruptcy, thinking that all their problems will be solved. However, even though bankruptcy does put a hold on everything, all it really does is buy a little more time. The end result is almost always the same… the property goes to Sheriff’s Sale and in addition to losing their home, they now have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on their credit report. If you are facing foreclosure, this is a situation you definitely want to avoid at all costs.

    In most cases, the best thing for a homeowner to do when facing foreclosure, assuming that the homeowner’s inability to pay the mortgage is not temporary, is to SELL THE PROPERTY AND SELL IT FAST!

    In doing so, you will avoid having a foreclosure and quite possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report. You’ll be able to get on with your life and avoid having foreclosure haunt you for years to come!

    In many cases, we can buy your house, bring your payments current and possibly give you equity back out of your home. We can even help in many situations where your house has no equity.

    If your foreclosure has gone public, chances are you’ve been contacted by other investors whom you might deem as a bit unscrupulous. However, unlike these other investors, we will not try to take advantage of your unfortunate situation. We simply work with you to figure out a mutually beneficial solution so you can move on with your life with your good name and credit intact!

    In a foreclosure situation, time is of the essence. Call today for a confidential, no obligation consultation on how we can get you cash out of your house and save your credit from foreclosure before it is too late!

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  10. Appears that Triplett bought their house on the cheap for the cost of their remaining mortgage. Then the sellers got the real help from a federal SBA disaster loan and a federally-funded CDBG homeowners grant that allowed them to get on with their lives.

    Their lender would not have foreclosed on them while they were applying for the SBA loan and the homeowners grant. They did not have to sell in a panic. They probably could have sold for more than they got or could have rebuilt with the SBA loan and CDBG grant.

    People – if you are behind on your mortgage, contact your lender and try to work it out. Please.

  11. I suspect his problem with the anti-predatory lending bill is that he might self-finance the resale of the scavenged properties on installment payments, without the buyers getting formal mortgages or the protections that come with one. He probably does not want buyers going through Realtors and bankers who would inform them about appraisals, mortgage rates and other terms.

    The bill would treat self-financers as lenders (if they sell more than one house in a 3-year period) and require them to comply with the anti-predatory reporting rules. He would have to certify that he did not push the buyer into a higher-priced deal than the buyer could have qualified for from a traditional mortgage.

  12. Brian if this guy would be the exception if the let people keep ALL of their federal flood grant. As you know I am in real estate and have several family members in the legal profession. What we say were people offering to cooperate on helping someone who didn’t retain the right to put a flood insurance provision on the chain of title have to pay upto 50 percent of the proceeds to the current owner. So if he did this for free he is somewhat a Katrina saint in my book. Many did not. I am not sure if he charged or let it go for free. If he let it go for free he would typically have to buy flood insurance forever. So it is not a “free” thing so to say. Many people forced the former owner to split the grant with the new owner. This was not part of the program but a side effect of one of the rules that required the current owner to sign or have signed off on the flood insurance provision being placed on the grant. Very suspect at best.

  13. Should read. Sorry this subject matter is very upsetting to me as it was so unfair that people who lost everything had to split the flood grant with the new buyer. The rules should have been different.

    Brian if this guy would have let the people he bought the property from get a federal flood grant(nic name I don’t know offical name) for not having flood insurance he would be exception. Some people even sought out land deals where they would later force the person to give them part of the grant program and some even went so far as to buy the land and then turn arround and tell the person now apply for the grant and we will split it. Stuff bad happened. It is a red flag but not a smoking gun. The buyer seems happy in the letter and it would take talking to the people to know what exactly happened. So I will not specualte on his case in particular. That would be the job of a reporter.

  14. This is not about the article but about what happens if someone does take advantage of others after a hurricane. The punishment is BANISHMENT. No joke. You are suppose to leave the community and not come back. If you stay the punishment is social banishment and everyone talks about you like you are so bad for doing whatever you did after Camille or during the Great Depression etc. I guess now some will have it happen about what they did after Katrina. BANISHMENT. Please leave if you took advantage of others after Katrina we do not want you or need you.

  15. Also, what he said at the rally about the defense authorization bill is false. The House defense bill does not have a hate crimes provision.

  16. So what you guys are really saying is that all the other folks at the tin foil hat rally are dupes for a bottom feeding vulture that took advantage of the elderly after the storm.

    Stacey NosePickering wher you at bra? lol

  17. I am the dan triplett that some of you made the comments about. First of all you shouldn’t believe what you read in the paper. I was completely misquoted on that article. I have never taken advantage of anyone in any real estate transaction I have been involved in. The reason am against the anti predatory lending act is that it interfears with YOUR rights to your private property and is unconstitutional. It has to do with our constitutional rights and not about my business. So you dumb asses who think you know me, i will put me record of service to the community up against yours any day. If your brave enough. If your just a guttless liberal coward who just likes being lied to by your liberal politicians then there is no hope for you. You are the ones who should be bannished to France.

  18. Hi Dan, man that town hall meeting was a while back.I’m glad you stopped in. I read in the paper where you said the reporters misquoted you. Me and Katy with Gannett looked for you outside before the meeting and again after. I worked the line all the way to the highway in fact but we could never find you to set the record straight.

    Make yourself at home. Some of us are liberal and some conservative. And we even occasionally rip on frenchy tree huggers.


  19. Hey sop, this is all new to me but I intend to set the record straight. Obviously those posts are pretty old, back in August of last year but since I have just learned about what Steve and Ned and Richard said about me I am going to put them right. First of all, those ass wholes need to get their facts straight. Like I said in my previous post, when I did not have much time to formulate my thoughts, I will put my record of service up against thiers any day. I served as a professional firefighter and paramedic for over 13 years prior to my real estate career and have been credited with saving several lives. How many lives have you saved Steve and Ned and Richard? Since starting my real estate business I have bought over 300 houses from ready, willing, and able sellers all who were more than happy with the transaction, many overly pleased that I was able to provide a solution to their PROBLEM that the traditional market did not have a solution for. How in the hell do you steal a house from somebody or rip them off in a real estate transaction anyway? They have to sign all the documents! If they didnt like the deal they wouldn’t do it. Is that what you people thing of your friends and neighbors that they are that stupid. You are the idiots who read some stupid story in a news paper and think that you can formulate an opinion about someone that you and know absolutely nothing about. After the storm we bought several houses from sellers who were more than happy to sell so they could get the hell out of here. I made them an offer that they excepted and we did business. We both won. In over twelve years and over 300 transactions I have never been suid and have never had a negative report made to the Better Business Bureau. Beat that record Steve and Ned and Richard. In addition I have provided fair prices and financing to hundreds of families who could not buy a house in the traditional market. How many homes have you provided Steve? Ned? Richard? You damn jerks. None I would say. If you get your lazy asses out of your mommas spare bedroom and get off of the stupid computer you might actually be able to benefit society instead of making false and derogotory remarks about a businessman who has had nearly a 30 million dollar positive economic impact on our local economy. How much do you contribute to the economy Steve and Ned and Richard? In addition, after the storm we had 55 houses that had damage to one degree or another. In not one single case did we evict any tenant of ours so that we could raise rental rates. I am not saying that I was accused of that here but there were stories that there were rental managers doing that and the thought never crossed our minds. To the contrary, we had one tenant who could not occupy the house due to the damage and we put their family into a hotel, at our expense, while we repaired their home. Another we relocated into a vacant home we had and after we repaired their home to like new condition, we helped them get permenant finacing and buy the home at the original price we agreed to even though the value had increased substantielly right after the storm. After all was said and done we managed to repair each and every home and keep our contracts to the letter with all of our buyers and tenants. So, Steve and Ned and Richard, get your damn facts straight. You do not know me, but you had better learn something about me here. I take extreme pride in what I do and in my good name and if you feel that you know better, you know how to find me. I will be at our regular meetings every other monday and you can find out where at our website, http://www.citizenliberty.com I am not worried because I know that liberal cowards like you dont have the balls to face a real man and tell him to his face that he’s low as a snake or ripping people off. If you think you are man enough to face me and try “Tea bagging” me, like I said, you know where to find me. Just be ready to have your ass handed to you. As far as Gene Taylor goes, I have no clue what this post is from Sop81_1 with me saying:
    Triplett: I am against Obama

  20. Dan, the bill you keep foaming at the mouth over does not in any way restrict your right to buy and sell houses. It simply adds a little protection for consumers so that people with little financial savvy or in desparate financial situations are not cheated by con artists.

    If you are not taking advantage of unsophisticated buyers and sellers by sticking them payments you know they cannot afford, higher interest rates and much worse terms than they would qualify for, or otherwise engaging in predatory lending practices, then you have nothing to fear from the antipredatory lending act.

    It simply requires you to treat your real estate financing business as a profession rather than as an under-the-table, off-the-books operation. You would simply have to file a few forms showing that you are not cheating people, just as everyone else in the financial industry must do.

  21. Hey Brian, like I said in my last post, I could’nt care less about what the bill would or would not do to my business. It’s a constitutional thing. If we let them take the rights away from private citizens to own and do with what they will with their private property we have lost one of our most precious rights. Where will it stop? I can see if they put the limit to say 5 or 10 properties, but 2 is an invasion of our privacy and part of a much larger picture.

    I do treat my real estate business as a profession and my books are open to the govt just like anyone elses. I was trying to protect the rights of “We The People” as the leader of the 912 group, not as a representative of my business. I would hope that you would agree that our freedoms are under attack in this country from an out of control government. If we do not stand up and fight, all will soon be lost. The last thing I need is for some moron like those guys above who lambasted me without knowing the first thing about me and I will be damned if I am going to let them soil my name without a response. All while I am sacrificing my life to save our country so idiots like them can be free to be idiots.

    Take care Brian, at least YOU seem to be a man of reason.

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