12 thoughts on “Tuesday Music: Dedicated to Cori and Kerri Rigsby”



    1. And in the air the fireflies
      Our only light in paradise
      We’ll show the world they were wrong
      And teach them all to sing along

      Check out Yahoo Allstate. We were there before there was Slabbed. We’re just about signing from the same hymnal there.

      All persons of goodwill can come in from the cold. I have some seafood gumbo on the cyber stove waiting for our friend Sup.


  2. I’m crying and can’t talk right now. Y’all deserve this tribute as much as anyone I’ve run across since 2005.
    I sent a link to this to Sandy Rosenthal, the founder of levees.org, ’cause ya’never know, eh?
    But here’s another one just for the Slabbed:

    “By the time we got to Woodstock,
    We were half a million strong
    And everywhere was a song and a celebration.
    And I dreamed I saw the bomber death planes
    Riding shotgun in the sky,
    Turning into butterflies
    Above our nation.”

    …’course then there are the dain’bramaged among us who do what they can…

    Thanks Y’all,

  3. I suspect Kerri and Cori would be the first to tell us we still have a ways to go though we should all enjoy this moment before we roll up our sleeves again.

    The reaction being witnessed by people that haven’t lived this surreal experience was best summed up by Shirley yesterday who observed the positive indeed almost giddy impact that simple JUSTICE has on those that have been robbed of it after mother nature shit kicked us to hell and back.

    When we climbed over the wreckage of what was my neighborhood on August 29 2005 on our trek to safety I felt the fact we survived placed a responsibility on me to give something back. And since I began pounding the keyboard in support of my community in late 2005 I’ve been giving it back and then some to those that tried to take advantage of our plight for their own financial gain. I lived it so signing on was easy.

    Beside the Cori and Kerri there is someone else who is a true hero, a lady who didn’t have to get involved but who did after I selected her on another message board as one of the people I wanted by my side when we began this great blogging experiment that became known as Slabbed. She had the guts to press the send button not knowing me from Adam and since that time we’ve never looked back though it hasn’t always been easy, far from it since I’m not known as a laid back sort of guy.

    Today the world knows her as Nowdoucit and she has become the finest legal blogger on Katrina issues bar none.


  4. Today the world knows her as Nowdoucit and she has become the finest legal blogger on Katrina issues bar none.

    HEAR! HEAR! I second that!

  5. Just a “mail order bride” in the “shotgun wedding” that became SLABBED but thanks- although I think I’m a “justice blogger” and point out, as we’ve learned all too well, justice and law are not always the same.

  6. Sop: You’re not known as a laid back kind of guy? You don’t give Nowdy grief do you?

    Nowdy is a hero – and I believe you are as well !!

    It’s because of people like yall that restores people’s (with doubts) faith in the human race.


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