Some folks were Slabbed by Katrina. Slabbed by Sugar??

Well folks I’m not quite certain what to say except the felony of the day here at slabbed is buggery which also reminds me of what insurers did to the people here after Katrina. The Charlotte Observer has the story:

A Conway, S.C., woman who had video surveillance of a man having sexual intercourse with one of her horses said she found the suspect behind her barn Monday night and pointed a shotgun at his head until police arrived and arrested him.

Rodell Vereen, 50, of Longs, is charged with buggery and trespassing after Barbara Kenley, who owns Lazy B Stables on Coates Road in the Wampee section of Horry County, told officers she had video of the suspect having sex with a horse then wanted to catch him at her barn.

“That stable was my getaway, my stress relief,” said Kenley, who has owned the stable for 20 years. “Everybody has a place they like to go to get away. Now it is totally destroyed. It is the only thing I have in life.”

3 thoughts on “Some folks were Slabbed by Katrina. Slabbed by Sugar??”

  1. This is sick. This guy deserves NO BOND. If he’s going to do this to a horse (as he has repeatedly done so and violated probation for) he’s also a HUGE THREAT to children and anyone else he can intimidate – he’s already a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER – REGISTER HIM WHERE HE DOESN’T GET OUT TO PREY ON SOCIETY ANYMORE.

    This is such a no-brainer.


  2. Very same incident in Pass Christian several years back. The guy was sentenced by Judge Jerry Terry (I think) and the Sun Herald ran a full story. Does the Chinese calendar include an entry for the year of the horse?

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