6 thoughts on “An Oldie but a Goodie: Nassim Taleb Says “Bernanke Should Be Removed From Office””

  1. Bernanke Perrrrrrsschpanky!
    Could you please apply your SOP Acumen (SOPA) to a post on why the hell we are hearing from Allen Greenspan so much of late on the medias, teevees and internet machines???
    WTF? He complicatedly told us how he was going to fork us. He oh’so complicatedly forked us. Now we get to listen to how much we should appreciate our Complicatedly Forked Up Economic Reality (CFUER)???
    While you are congrooviatin’on this Pithy Retart (PR)…
    please join this mornings Responsive Reading:

    (hehehe, they call it acronymophobia 🙂

  2. Greenspan is out trying to salvage his legacy Editilla, he knows and tacitly admitted the real estate bubble (which is in reality an extension of the tech bubble of the late 90’s) was his fault.

    The man has accomplished most everything in life a man can accomplish except secure his place in history. He’ll go down in history alright just not as maestro, rather as the man who had his head stuck up his ass while this country borrowed it’s way to oblivion.

    I said this in another comment and I’ll repeat it, the teabaggers are on to something but until they extract their nose from Rush Limbaugh’s arse and admit it was their man boy George who did the majority of the damage they’ll never be a constructive part of the solution.

    Despite being the wealthiest nation on earth only the Japanese are further in debt as a nation. You can not borrow your way to prosperity and when the federal budget is mostly entitlements such as medicare and social security spending can not be cut enough to bridge the gap. That only leaves one option which the teabaggers, most of whom are long on the entitlement part and short on paying taxes (and common sense) simply won’t accept.

    I pray it won’t happen but using history as a guide we’ll go bankrupt before most folks are able to pull their heads out of their asses.


  3. sop – thanks for posting this important video – I may go get a book by Nassim Taleb; it’s so great to see a sane person discussing this stuff; I notice one of the nut case hypsters on this this show, the guy will folded arms, shut his mouth for once;

  4. All 4 episodes are well worth it but Niall’s last installment on the Ascent of Money called Planet Finance covers the real estate bubble including the sneak preview we received in the 1980’s when the S&L’s went insolvent.


    I haven’t read it but based on the series Niall’s book is probably very good.

    Both of Talebs books are well worth the read and I recommend them both. I liked Fooled by Randomness as much as the Black Swan.

    Taleb’s homepage: http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/


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