SLABBED Daily – August 5

12.08.08.privileged.documenLove those new links on the Blogroll, Sop, and I couldn’t resist adding this reminder of  the new “Nowdy’s favorite” since today’s SLABBED Daily is a pass-a-long of State Farm OG 75-01 and OG 75-07 one of our reader’s sent (along with assurance neither was restricted).

Now that I’ve actually seen an OG, it’s even more of a mystery to me that all such documents are not readily available – but, then again, I’m not a lawyer and I find many such mysteries in Katrina litigation.

In the program audits I do in my off-blog life, the word “consistent” figures prominently.  Program audits, or in this case what I suppose should be called “product audits” are as detailed as financial audits.  The difference is simply that one follows the trail of words and the other the trail of money.

A  “policy consistent” OG, for example, would have an audit trail that led directly to one or more identified terms of the related policy.   Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – August 5”

I’ve updated the blogroll with a few new links

I’m short of time this morning but thought I’d put up a quick post to highlight the new links I added to our blogroll category and circle back to one Nowdy mentioned a day or so back, VickiePynchon’s Negotiation Law Blog. I don’t know why we neglected Ms Pynchon’s blog for so long because she was the first national law blogger highlight our work in a post she did in April 2008 that still generates us traffic from time to time. Now for the others I just added:

I mentioned Jessica Hagy’s blog Indexed previously here as one I visit for fun. Jessica is a real talent and as she discovered less than 2 weeks back doing a card on the topic of insurance sure does stir up the industry faithful. I personally think she is spot on.

After I linked Zero Hedge I noticed a few other Mississippi blogs started mentioning the site. Here is another one for you finance freaks in Greenbackd, one that is near and dear to my style of investing in finding undervalued companies with a management team needing a swift kick in the rear end.

Finally those needing good information on insurance news in Florida should check out Miami Herald Reporter Beatrice Garcia’s Florida Insurance News Service blog which has the skinny on all the major insurance news in Florida.  It was my honor and pleasure to leave Beatrice her first comment.

I hope everyone enjoys the new links.


SLABBED welcomes Judge Susan Braden – Katrina’s Lady Justice gives MR-GO the go!

A federal judge in Washington ruled Monday that plaintiffs can go forward with a lawsuit charging the federal government with “taking” the value of their land in St. Bernard and the Lower 9th Ward through flooding caused by the building the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet.

Court of Federal Claims Judge Susan Braden, appointed by President George W. Bush, refused to dismiss the lawsuit, which federal attorneys contended was filed too long after the six-year statute of limitations in such cases should have run its course.

Mark Schleifstein had the story – Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet lawsuit can go on, judge says – for the Times-Picayune.  Glancing at reader comments on this and related stories shows some take exception to Judge Braden’s Republican connections.  However, her resume indicates no one should sell Susan Braden short:

In July 2009, Judge Braden was appointed as a Member of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility-Judges Advisory Committee to the American Bar Association…  On February 14, 2007, Judge Braden was elected as a Member of the American Law Institute and is working on the Institute’s Restatement and Unjust Enrichment Project. From 2005-2008, Judge Braden was a Member of the Editorial Board of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

Prior to joining the bench, Judge Braden litigated complex civil cases in private practice before both trial and appellate courts.

Courting Influence reports that from 1990-1992, Judge Braden was a partner in Anderson, Kill, Olick & Oshinsky.  Oshinsky, who has since left the firm, recently formed Gilbert Oshinsky and became a partner to August Matteis and Craig Litherland – the Rigsby qui tam lawyers!  Small world!

It will be interesting to see how far the cases goes with Braden’s “green ligh”. Continue reading “SLABBED welcomes Judge Susan Braden – Katrina’s Lady Justice gives MR-GO the go!”

One man’s convicted felon is another’s father, son

Nowdy, those other blogs are eating your lunch on the Delaughter story.

Maybe so, concerned reader, but I was lost in other thoughts; and, frankly, just not hungry.

Some years ago, I was the guest speaker for a Mother’s Day luncheon held at what was then called the “women’s prison” – a mother talking with other mothers about our shared concerns. I wasn’t hungry then, either.  In fact, as I recall, I started losing my appetite when the first big metal door locked behind me.

Locked doors, however, do not frighten me as much as closed minds.

Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage…

I note those who decry the notion of “political prisoners” seem to be, in many cases, prisoners of their own politics – and I hunger for the justice of a vigorous public conversation about judicial bribery and the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Yearger (June 18, 2009): Continue reading “One man’s convicted felon is another’s father, son”