Slabbed Daily: Just in from the War Department


2 thoughts on “Slabbed Daily: Just in from the War Department”

  1. Ok, Sop, I just watched this Braveheart excerpt and feel like you’re the Prof. awaiting my interpretation of same,so here it is. It’s a WAR (ha, ha). No, really, it’s a war between the insurance companies and policyholders EXCEPT IN REAL LIFE (i.e., not the movies) the insurance companies have a great # of soldiers (i.e., attorneys) fighting for them and the POLICYHOLDERS ARE LONE SOLDIERS FIGHTING FOR THEMSELVES (and the benefits rightfully due them) UNLESS & UNTIL they are forced to seek counsel which, in turn, increases the # of soldiers fighting on the policyholder’s side.

    Fair enough interpretation or did I miss the class entirely?


  2. It is the only way I can blog about things I’m not otherwise not free to discuss.

    Try these earlier versions. Steve left hints on both I believe.

    Take it to the bank that down the line I’ll be following up with a post that is certain to make some sphincters tighten up in Bloomington. 🙂


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