Slabbed Daily Weekend Edition: Who else is reading “the untouchables”????

Mel flattered us with the comment he made last night with us. We hope to live up to the standards of the legend.

We are blessed with a diverse readership and our willingness to host pretty much all viewpoints from people from all walks of life makes us an interesting laboratory for those whose interests are scientifically motivated so it should come as no surprise we were linked in a recent psychology today article. For my part I think we are all “insane” in one way shape or fashion, as my good friend Russell pointed out via an article he sent me dating to the late the 1980’s which addresses what he termed delusional reality (Sorry I do not have the link handy).

Those that do not sleepwalk through life understand this concept and accept the fact we are all predictably irrational. (Professor Ariely’s student’s essays on behavioral economics are almost as good as his recent Harvard Business Review article I featured).  Even though we all share the human condition what sets us apart  from a chimp is the ability to recognize we’re all “insane” in one way shape or form.

And Ryan, don’t blame me for perpetuating the saying, my good cyber friend Elvis turned me on to it years ago. Since we’re all “insane” it’s as good a definition as any in my book and yes we are a classic case study in perseverance, a term our own Doug Walker at WLOX should visit and consider before parroting Ron Peresich’s meme against HR1264. If you don’t fight for it Doug, it will never happen.


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