We are kicking around the idea of having a Slab Conference

The purpose is to share information that is available in the public domain regarding these insurance cases so that policyholder advocates can exchange and share that information. We’ve already sent our some preliminary feelers via email and to make certain no one is left out I want to post an open invitation to all the policyholder advocates that read us.

You guys know who you are so please email me earning04 at gmail.com if you are interested and have not heard from us or want more information. Time and date to be determined, the location of the conference will be somewhere here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


4 thoughts on “We are kicking around the idea of having a Slab Conference”

  1. BTW, If we could figure out a way to package up and sell conforming mortgages certainly we could find a way to securitize the individual policies, not the Fannie and Freddie toxic paper sytle rather Ginnie. The pool of policies should be geographically diverse so as to no load too much tail risk in any individual pool.

    A portion of the premium could be put into a loss reserve account with the remainder compensating the investor for their risk. Make the interest payment on the security tax free.

    Such is one of many the box idea I’ve had on true solutions to the problem. I have the advantage of not having to think of creative ways to include offshore reinsurers or insurers who can’t seem to decide if they want to bite the coastal wind market apple or not in the equation however.


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