12 thoughts on “Slabbed Daily July 29, 2009: “Explosive developments in the Louisiana Senate Race?””

  1. I wonder what she was doing Mr NAAS, moaning too loudly?

    Stormy and her campaign manager should have consulted with Ashton on what happens in Louisiana to those that challenge the political power structure.


  2. At last something happens in Tampa that I can “have in common” w/yall. Yes, her mug was all over our local news recently. She threw potted plants at her husband (or is it her boyfriend?)…not sure but I’m gonna check. Apparently, he was mad and upset about some bills that should have been paid but remain UNPAID! That’s how they say the argument started.


  3. This is hardly news, but this is from The Tampa Tribune today:

    For some, the honeymoon is longer, and for others it’s short.

    After two years, the honeymoon might be over for Stormy Daniels, the porn star with ambitions of running for the U.S. Senate in her home state of Louisiana, and her husband, Michael Mosny.

    The couple had a row Saturday afternoon that included Daniels allegedly throwing a potted plant and a wedding album, knocking over candles and hitting her husband on the head with her hands, according to a police report.

    Tampa police arrested Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, on Saturday afternoon at her Tampa home and charged her with battery domestic violence.

    According to the police report, Daniels, 30, became upset by the way her father-in-law did their laundry. Then she opened some bills and learned her husband hadn’t paid them.

    Clifford threw a potted plant at a kitchen sink, then hit Mosny several times with her hands, the report states. However, in her statement to police she said she wanted to leave and was reaching for the car keys he was holding

    “He may have been struck by her hand while she was trying to get the keys he was holding over his head,” the report said she told police.

    She didn’t intentionally hit him, she said to police. She also told police that their bank account was now frozen because her husband didn’t pay the bills.

    After she hit him, Mosny went to the living room and sat down. She entered the room, threw a wedding album on the floor and knocked candles off the coffee table.

    Mosny, 34, wasn’t injured. He didn’t hit Clifford, the report states.

    When police arrived, Mosny was calm, but Daniels was angry and crying, the report states.

    Daniels was released Sunday after posting a $1,000 bond.

    Daniels and Mosny couldn’t be reached for comment.


  4. Sounds like Stormy needs to clear the leeches out of her life Shirley. Unfortunately I have another post on this coming with the working title sex sells. The throwaway post I did on Stormy entering the senate race in February will end up as our top page viewed post on slabbed. Some search engine likes the post because we’ve gotten 51 referrals today alone to it according to wordpress stats, which along with returning traffic makes hubada hubada our number 2 post today.

    Hell yesterday someone from Iran risked getting his eyes plucked out looking at the post.

    Human beings really all are the same across this world…..

    I’m thinking we need to do a women of slabbed bikini pictorial to juice us up more traffic. 😉


  5. Hey, she couldn’t do any worse than most of our electled officials and I’M SURE she’ll get ALOT of help & direction from her colleagues if elected. :) I hope she wins, but she’s got to beat this criminal matter. Probably what happened is the responding officer just wanted to take a ride w/her and had to arrest her to do that!! The article clearly says her husband wasn’t injured – so why was she arrested? Any idea how long she’s “lived” in Tampa or is she just here filiming? She’s going to need a good criminal defense attorney (i.e., not one out of the yellow pages) so if she does stop by Slabbed, you’ve got to help her out, Sop. I’d be happy to provide names. You told Nowdy in your Feb. Blog that if she stopped by, you’d take it from there. :)


  6. Shirley, your lively comments are a godsend to SLABBED.

    I usually cover the blog in the evening but lost track of time tonight and was so happy to see you’d stopped by to discuss Stormy with Sop.

  7. May I ask whose b-day?

    I just read the Kodrin U.S. Supreme Court Appeal prepared by Atty. Redmann (and his Firm, of course). What a beautiful document – I mean from a Legal Secretary’s point of view, the document’s just beautiful. And the contents and arguments of the Appeal are great as well! I just visited their site and told them as much.


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