Gene Taylor Talks NFIP and Wind Insurance on the House floor

FRANK, B. (D-MA): I yield myself three minutes and I yield for question to our colleague from Mississippi, who has been with our support on our committee, a major proponent for protecting the people who he represents in the area of wind and elsewhere. I yield to the gentleman.

Could it be the gentleman from Massachusetts took the letter from Napolitano with a grain of salt? Many thanks to Nationwide attorney Christopher Landau for enlightening the country on exactly how his client Nationwide fleeced the US taxpayers.


5 thoughts on “Gene Taylor Talks NFIP and Wind Insurance on the House floor”

  1. I have nothing but support and admiration for Gene Taylor, but why does he (as well as others) incorrectly refer to Nationwide’s argument, through its lawyer, to the Miss. Supreme Ct. as “testimony”? Although it is the stated position of the company through its counsel, it is hardly testimony. ARGUMENT OF COUNSEL IS NEVER TESTIMONY.

  2. Yep, I noticed the 4 Pillars plan, a favorite of Haley Barbour and Mike Chaney, was not mentioned. And while it is true the Senate is a different story last time I checked it took both houses of Congress to pass a law.

    Meantime that sucking sound is all the tax money being sucked from the coffers of the poorest state in the union in to the bank accounts of reinsurers based in Caribbean tax havens.

    Nobody is foolish enough to believe Mr Chaney’s reinsurance friends in Bermuda pay anything back into the state treasury from the business they do here. Heck if it was up to Mr Chaney they would pay no tax period. After all paying taxes is for the little people, not the wealthy and powerful that purvey insurance insurance from locales with the ultimate water view.


  3. sop, you got that right, paying taxes is for the “little people.,”

    Now, as I’m sitting here, all that’s running through my mind is Atty. Chris Landau’s voice saying “AGAIN, WE WOULDN’T PAY A DIME, WE WOULDN’T PAY A DIME, WE WOULDN’T PAY A DIME…” while trying to sell Nationwide’s argument/position b4 the Miss. Supreme Court. And those pictures of those houses blown away! Or pummeled by “wind-driven rain.” Who the hell knows what “wind-driven rain” is? Not your average citizen, that’s for sure…and who cares?

    BOTTOM LINE; Hurricane Katrina destroyed those homes and the Homeowner’s policy should have paid those claims IMMEDIATELY. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve…I know it’s a play on words…but these ins. companies are ruining people’s LIVES – they have made MANY homeless! What they’ve done cannot be “undone”….but they can still pay what they owe – there’s always time for that.


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