Your circle of acquaintances gets larger but your circle of friends becomes smaller – with Judge Benge and Judge Delaughter on my mind

“While I admit that I tried to influence her decision in the Demma matter, I did not believe at the time that I had succeeded, and I still do not believe that Judge Benge was influenced,” Bodenheimer said in an affidavit filed with the state Supreme Court.

As I was reading the Times Picayune update of the story reported in the 20th SLABBED Daily, it struck me how similar the case against Judge Benge is to the charges Judge Delaughter faces.  Sop saw it, too, and sent me an email.  The “other parties” in Delaughter’s case appear to be in rehearsal for his upcoming trial!

In Benge’s case, however, the “other party” has come forward on her behalf.  Bodenheimer says his attempt to sway Judge Benge in injury case failed:

In his affidavit, Bodenheimer acknowledges numerous conversations he had with Demma in late 2001, in which he said he would speak to Benge or spoke to Benge about his case. But he said in the affidavit that he never did speak to Benge, or he lied to Demma to protect his “personal business transaction” — the Copeland contract.

Bodenheimer, who pleaded guilty in 2003 to three federal charges unrelated to Demma and Benge and served 46 months in prison, says in the affidavit that his attempt to influence Benge fell short. He says he never told Benge of his true intentions in speaking to her about the Demma case.

“Based on my previous knowledge of Judge Benge and our working together as colleagues over the years, I knew that I could not ask her to do something which was corrupt because I did not believe that she would do it,” according to the May 12 affidavit…

Benge’s argument raises an interesting point:

Benge argues her discussion with Bodenheimer was taken out of context, and that she was airing her thinking about the case with a colleague she considered a mentor. She said she was unaware that Bodenheimer was conspiring with Demma and pushed Bodenheimer away when he told her Demma will “be there for you.” Benge responded, “huh.”

Ironically, Judge Henry Lackey provided the title quote describing the life of a judge in his presentation at an April 2008 forum hosted by Ole Miss law reported here on SLABBED.

3 thoughts on “Your circle of acquaintances gets larger but your circle of friends becomes smaller – with Judge Benge and Judge Delaughter on my mind”

  1. There’s “another” story lurking in the Times Picayune article which revolves around The Louisiana Judiciary Commission and its Chief Investigator (“Special Counsel”) Michael Bewers, who couldn’t investigate his way out of a paper bag, namely: “Who investigates HIM?” I have him in my sights, and I have a message for him: I’M COMMIN’ AFTER YOU (you can run, but you can’t hide). AROD.

  2. I sincerely hope that Judge Benge did not lose her “Your Honor” status as a result of the lies of then Judge Bodenheimer. Please tell me there’s more to this story than this!

    Is Judge Benge still a sitting Judge while this matter is being investigated or is there more to this story?


  3. There is more to this story Shirley, most of which we can’t openly comment upon at this point. Judging from the comments and the emails I will say while the La Bar isn’t happy with how Judge Benge decided that case the general consensus is she should not be thrown off the bench. And the story implies and as Ashton says outright politics of the sleazy variety is in play in how Judge Benge’s case has been handled.


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