He Hate Me? $enator Chri$ Dodd $inks to New Low$

Somehow I don’t think the good people in Connecticut are fooled by Chris Dodd’s supposedly new found independence from financial lobbyists (but not their money). We’ve well chronicled Dodd’s financial ties to AIG, offshore reinsurers and Countrywide Homeloans here on slabbed.  Dodd is the epitome of the pol on the take IMHO and ordinary people across this country are worse off because of it. Lets visit with Andrew Miga at the Associated Press to see what our boy Dodd has been up to lately:

Facing the toughest re-election fight of his nearly 30 years in the Senate, Sen. Christopher Dodd boasts about snubbing lobbyists.

Yet even as he touts his independence, the embattled Connecticut Democrat is still cashing lobbyist campaign checks and rubbing shoulders with them at fundraisers and party gatherings.

Dodd, perhaps the most vulnerable Senate Democrat in 2010, has driven home his message in fundraising pitches and campaign videos.

“The lobbyists can’t get meetings with Chris,” Dodd’s campaign manager Jay Howser said in a recent e-mail to supporters. “He won’t return their phone calls … Chris just isn’t giving them the time of day.”

The videos even suggest Dodd has been so hard on lobbyists that he’s made them cry.

Indeed these lobbists are crying, from laughing so hard all the way to the bank due to their ownership of the Senator as we continue the story:

But the tough talk hasn’t stopped Dodd from raking in tens of thousands of dollars in lobbyist campaign contributions this year. It hasn’t prevented Dodd from letting lobbyists host his fundraising events. Or kept Dodd from schmoozing with lobbyists at places like Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite summer getaway spot for the rich and famous off the Massachusetts coast.

A few days after Howser’s e-mail, Dodd trekked to Martha’s Vineyard for a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee weekend retreat where about 30 senators joined major party donors, including lobbyists. Continue reading “He Hate Me? $enator Chri$ Dodd $inks to New Low$”