Not going bowling but packin’ …

Brains –  and why not, she already had the ….s in the bag when she filed the Notice of Filing of Additional Evidence in Support of Application for Review of and Objection to, June 5, 2009 Order of United States Magistrate Judge in Bossier v State Farm.

…the Plaintiff, by and through undersigned counsel, and files the deposition of Matthew Thiele taken on July 13, 2009, in further support of his Application for Review of, and Objection to, June 5, 2009, Order of United States Magistrate Judge. (deposition linked in Notice)

Selected portions of the deposition deposition follows – be certain to pull up the link and read it all.  The “undersigned counsel,” Judy Guice, is asking the questions ( indicated by “Q”)  and Matthew Thiele, an adjuster with Pilot Catastrophe following Hurricane Katrina, is responding (indicated by “A”):

Pages from Bossier depo of Matthew Thiel Continue reading “Not going bowling but packin’ …”