SLABBED Daily – July 18-19 weekend edition with judges on my mind

The road leads back
It always leads back to you

Judges, not Georgia, have been on my mind. In fact, I’m Keeping Score – but you know that if  you read Who has the balls and Who’s calling the game.  Sop reported a different score and attracted  comment from Chip Merlin.

As an attorney in the trenches with human clients, I have to somehow communicate what the reasons for rulings may be…God help us if…the only…logical reason is that the judge was appointed by a politician with a result oriented bias which has to be followed rather than fair logic and justice.

Reader NRB agreed with Chip and added:

Over the past four years I have had to explain rulings to clients that I not only disagree with, but cannot for the life of me figure out how the judge(s) arrived at their conclusions.  Decisions completely void of any analysis of La. law that were basically made up out of “whole cloth.”

God help us, Chip,the Sun Herald has the story:

King said he agreed to be a Republican when Republican Gov. Fob James appointed him to a vacant judgeship in Bessemer in 1997. He said he came from a long line of Democrats and finally decided to make the switch because his philosophy was more in keeping with the Democratic Party.

“I like everyone to come into court on equal footing and have a fair chance,” King said.

“Sometimes I felt like there was a business pressure when I was a Republican.”

A case I’ve been following in Louisiana reveals another possible reason for otherwise inexplicable orders and opinions – dumb lawyers.  Two legal eagles there screwed their clients, their colleagues and Lady Justice by settling a case when the judge was ruling in their favor – and made themselves the laughing stock of Katrina litigation in the process.

The road leads back but no one will be there.