Serendipity: The Ascent of Money

By pure chance I noticed this documentaryon my DVR program guide last night and after watching for a bit ended up setting the entire series to record. I highly recommend it to those wanting to gain a historical perspective of our financial system. Last night’s episode covered the great Mississippi Bubble of 1720. Now I’ll admit I’m the type of financial geek that actually enjoyed reading Charles Kindleberger’s Mania, Panics and Crashes so this type show may not be for everyone…….except next weeks show is on insurance, specifically:

The role of risk in the form of insurance is examined. Included: the inability of insurance companies to cover catastrophic losses caused by Hurricane Katrina; the origin of the insurance industry; Japan’s transformation into a welfare state.

It ought to be an interesting. Those with access to Mississippi ETV the insurance show airs next Wednesday and can be watched on the internet anytime thereafter.