Slabbed Daily July 15: Dead Fish Edition

What a better way to remind the public about Mr Chaney’s upcoming insurance forum than to feature a warmup article about the massive pogey spill in the Mississippi sound and its accompanying pool of floating dead fish. Al Jones at the Sun Herald has the story:

Nearly half a million dead pogies were adrift Tuesday off Long Beach and Pass Christian.

An accident involving two Omega Protein pogy boats, based out of Pascagoula, resulted in a spill that sent an estimated 200,000 dead pogies, or menhaden, per boat into the water.

“Accidents do happen,’’ said Walter “Tiny” Chataginer, chief of law enforcement for the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. “We are not sure what happened and how they got dumped.’’

Next up we’ll circle back to JR Welsh’s story in the Sun Herald from last month on the restoration of Buccaneer State Park in Waveland. I saw the C-L picked it up for today’s edition as they are manpower poor and no doubt very hungry for content. These are very challenging economic times for poorly run newspaper chains such as the C-L’s corporate parent Gannett but that is another post:

One of the Coast’s most beloved but hurricane-battered attractions is getting a $17 million overhaul and may be partially rebuilt by late fall, but won’t be back to full steam until at least 2010.

Until 2005, Buccaneer Park “was the most prominent day-use park we had,” said Ramie Ford, director of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Ford’s department operates 25 parks statewide.

Buccaneer, just off the beach, was part of Ground Zero when Hurricane Katrina swept in with her brutal winds and storm surge. The park’s famous wave pool was destroyed and the tall water slide was wrecked, with only portions left standing. Other buildings washed away as well, including offices and staff residences.

Although Buccaneer does not have cabins, its camping area, pool, water slide and recreational vehicle park drew thousands of visitors annually. “It is definitely one of our premiere parks for day use and RVs,” Ford said.

Finally Anita Lee puts out the reminder on the Commish’s upcoming insurance forum.  As I noted in a the comment to the story the Traveler’s 4 Pillar Plan doesn’t chance much of a chance due to the budgetary impacts of the federal reinsurance backstop (IE government handout) upon which the plan depends. I also duly note  the delicious irony that the same arguments used by those in the insurance industry to poke holes in Gene Taylor’s HR 1264 apply to the Travelers plan, which is evidently supported politically by GOP luminaries like Haley Barbour. Regardless of the perceived political cover the Gov. and Mike Chaney think they gain from hiding behind the Travelers plan, it is DOA in DC. Here at Slabbed we commend the Travelers for taking the time to engage this issue and hope they can continue to hold fruitful discussions with those who can actually foster a permanent solution for Mississippi and the Gulf South at the national level.