…and you were expecting Patsy Cline?

Sorry but it’s just Nationwide; and, worse yet, the Company is singing way off key.

If you recall Judge Walker’s unfortunate decision granting Nationwide’s Motion for Mental Examination of Plaintiff in Politz v Nationwide, you may also remember Dr. Mark Webb is the psychiatrist Nationwide selected to conduct the examination.

He is also resume-lite.

Consequently, Counsel for Mrs. Politz filed the  Notice of Issuance of Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information or Objects seeking additional information on Dr. Webb’s qualifications and related experience.  SLABBED reported the Notice in a recent Katrina litigation update.

Yesterday – and apparently without reading Dr. Webb’s resume-lite –  Counsel for Nationwide filed a Motion to Quash the Plaintiff’s subpoena.

Nationwide claims the ten year time framed [sic] …is overly broad and burdensome and  many of…[the fourteen categories of documents]…have no relevance to the claims or defenses asserted by the parties to this action. Nor do these documents have any probative value on issues of any potential bias by Dr. Webb.

Nationwide is not Patsy Cline but those claims are Crazy:

Events from 1999 to 2009 are totally missing from his resume and only one dated 1999 is listed – overly broad, not!

Try lacks relevance: Continue reading “…and you were expecting Patsy Cline?”

Slabbed Daily July 7

There are a few news stories that attracted my interest so I’ll start the open thread today. First up Big Bay Lake is fixed and refilling (H/T The Sun Herald), no doubt much to the shragrin of the 100 or so homeowners who lost their homes when the dam there broke in 2004 that are stuck in litigation.  I am very familar with the area, especially the downstream areas in Lamar and Marion Counties including this bridge which suffered major damage when the dam broke. Such occurances illustrate why everyone should have flood insurance, even those living 300 feet above sea level.

Next up is a tragic story from Hancock County involving an boating accident on the Jourdan River. I personally know some of the people involved. I think some of the reader comments about that section of the Jourdan River being dangerous due to high levels of boat traffic is spot on. Our prayers are with the families.

Finally NFIP rates are going down in Biloxi thanks to a new flood plain rating for the city. Mary Perez filed the Sun Herald story:

Homeowners in Biloxi will see their flood insurance premiums drop 5 percent thanks to a new rating for the city.

“We’ve been notified by FEMA that our rating has improved to a Class 6,” said Community Development Director Jerry Creel. That means residents who live in Special Flood Hazard Areas and have National Flood Insurance will see a 20 percent reduction in premiums compared to the previous 15 percent. Continue reading “Slabbed Daily July 7”