SLABBED Daily – July 2

Congressman Taylor’s letter to Secretary Napolitano and video once again call our attention to the transcript of the oral arguments presented to the Mississippi Supreme Court in Corban v USAA.

A start-to-finish reading of the transcripts makes it clear that many here have spent the four years since Katrina  in an effort comparable to nailing  jello to a tree – and that Corban v USAA has given the members of the Supreme Court a taste of that struggle.

Attorney Danny Cupit, speaking for the Attorney General, provided an equally descriptive example:

…listening to the arguments of Nationwide, I’m reminded of the conversation in the  children’s book by Louis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass,” when Alice asked Humpty Dumpty if words meandifferent things. And Humpty Dumpty said, “When I use a  word, it means just what I want it to mean; nothing more, nothing less.”

He went on to make the important point that the loss attaches at the time the cause occurs. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – July 2”

Henry and June plus Lewis and Scot: An Appraisal Story and Kuehn Update Prequel

I’ve kept fairly quiet since late April on Kuehn v State Farm, a case with a little something for everyone. We have the appraisal clause and State Farm ignoring it. We have a typical State Farm hired gun lawyer in Scot Spragins of Oxford Mississippi and the spectacle of Scot beclowing himself before an audience of political leaders, fellow lawyers and academics across the country as we profile his unethical behavior and abuses of the court system.

The Farm doesn’t break in litigation nor follow their contractual obligations easily and though I’ve been relatively absent here on the blog I’ve been loading up for bear on the concept of appraisal and how State Farm’s treatment of their own contract language in this case illustrates their bad behavior better than most. But before I post a comprehensive update I’d like to point out that just like Rossie’s New Appleman piece on Anti Concurrent Causation is the legal standard on the ACCs meaning and application, the book, The Law and Procedure of Insurance Appraisal by Jonathan J Wilkofsky Continue reading “Henry and June plus Lewis and Scot: An Appraisal Story and Kuehn Update Prequel”

in pictures and with a 1000 words – the Congressman of the slabbed

Like the really good neighbor he is, the Congressman of the slabbed – on your side on YouTube!