Wednesday Music: Soulmate Edition

Sup suggested we post Middle Age Crazy to honor Mark Sanford. But after hearing  the AP interview he gave I’ve come to the conclusion the Gov has experienced an overdose of Vitamin L. (h/t Mary Hartman)


When I was a kid ‘n’ livin’ at home
I took feelin’ fine for granted
Well, I didn’t know then what I know now
Why Mama always raved ‘n’ ranted

She said, “Early to bed ‘n’ early to rise
Live the golden rule ‘n’ exercise
‘N’ most important of all,” she said with a grin
“Be sure you get your vitamins”

Vitamins A ‘n’ C ‘n’ D ‘n’ B
Well they keep you healthy ‘n’ well
But Mama didn’t tell me when I was a kid
All about Vitamin L
She sure forgot to tell me when I was a kid
All about Vitamin L

Mama made me eat carrots ‘n’ hominy grits
Though I really felt disinclined
But she said they was packed with vitamin A
And if I didn’t that I’d go blind

She said, “Your skin’ll break out ‘n’ you’ll get beri-beri
‘Less you eat all them black-eyed peas
‘Cause them and the greens ‘n’ the lima beans
They all got Vitamin B

‘N’ you’ll get scurvy ‘less you eat them prunes
‘Cause they got vitamin C
Well then, c’mon outside ‘n’ play in the sun
Or get rickets from no vitamin D”

Well, I did what she said ‘n’ I ate what she asked
‘N’ for a while I felt real swell
But I sure wish Mama had told me back then
All about Vitamin L
Yeah, I sure wish Mama had a mentioned to me
All about Vitamin L

Well, thanks to vitamins ‘n’ Mama’s advice
I grew to be healthy ‘n’ strong
Till a cowboy one night that I loved at first sight
Well, he hurt me ‘n’ he done me wrong

Well, he loved me ‘n’ he left me, but he taught me the ropes
‘Specially ‘bout Vitamin L
‘Cause Vitamin L is a love, you see
And without it, well, it’s hell
‘Cause of all the vitamins in your daily minimum requirement
Mmm, Vitamin L’s the most important to you

‘Cause if you don’t get enough Vitamin L
Your heart’ll break a-right in two
I know Vitamin C’s real good for a cold
Vitamin B if your lips should swell
But the only thing that cures them love sick blues
Is a shot o’ that Vitamin L
Well, I surely do need me a big ol’ dose
Of that good ol’ Vitamin L

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