…and did the chickens come home to roost or is the rooster crowing off shore? P&C reports 1.3 billion 1Q loss

“Sugarcoated” the news was not; so, I’m guessing the “right people” took note of Sam Friedman’s View from the Pressbox:

There is a phrase in journalism called “burying the lead,” meaning you fail to put the most important part of the news story right up in the first paragraph. When reporters do this, it’s just poor or lazy writing. But when sources are guilty of this sin in their press releases, it’s called “spin”–putting the best face on bad news. That’s the case with the latest industry-wide financial results reported by ISO and PCI.

Indeed, the two groups chose to “lead” with reassurances that the industry remains in good financial shape, boasting that insurers have $437.1 billion in policyholder surplus, $554.4 billion in loss and loss adjustment expense reserves to cover claims that already were filed, and another $201.5 billion in unearned premium reserves to cover losses arising during policies in effect on March 31.

It’s hard to spin a $1.3 billion first-quarter lossthe worst results it has recorded in more than 20 years, the Insurance Services Office said. The numbers are not hard to believe; but, whether they tell the whole story is an entirely different matter.

Jersey City, N.J.-based ISO said the p&c industry recorded net loss after taxes for the first three months of this year compared to net income of $8.5 billion for the same period last year.

The poor results were blamed on a combination of losses on underwriting and deterioration in investment results…ISO said the industry saw a net loss after taxes on annualized overall rate of return on average policyholders surplus. The overall rate of return on surplus dropped to negative 1.2 percent for the first quarter of this year compared to a positive 6.6 percent for the same period last year…

ISO reported that net written premiums, on a comparative basis, dropped close to 4 percent, or $4 billion, to $106.4 billion. Net earned premiums declined 2 percent, or $2.3 billion, to $1.5.6 billion.
When the “big news” of the past year has been insurers pulling out of certain areas, including entire states, it’s obvious premium income is going to drop.  Investment income likewise when headlines have screamed the investments were paper.
Note, however, the $1.3 billion loss is on taxable income.
The taxable chickens came home to roost, but,  there is still the non-taxable rooster to consider.

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  1. Doucy, you are just titling all over da’place again!
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    Hmmm…how about this one from recently outting a OPP PR operative in the T-P:
    “I’m not Angry with you any longer and that is a good thing. Priceless, but a satisfaction not worth being taxed over.
    I have met something perhaps even more evil that the ASCECORPS Bad Engineers, to wit: An Unethical Historian. And, that is not a good thing at all, but quite valuable in that Predator/Prey relationship mentioned earlier. And, Ms Ryan, do I sound like prey?

    You have crossed The Line that was left on nearly every building and structure in New Orleans by Your Exquisite Corps on 8-29-05. ”
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  2. great links, Editilla. The good guys feel guilty about what others did that they couldn’t undo or change.

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