Slabbed welcomes Wayne Weiser: “Why Katrina was the fault of man’s malfeasence”

Mr Weiser is retired after thirty nine years with US Army Corp of Engineers in the New Orleans district. He has compiled a boatload of research and given his experience with USACE his perspective is interesting in light of the ongoing NOLA area flood control rebuilding and MRGO litigation.

I’ll also add that while we have been highly critical of FEMA at times we also greatly valued the input we received from rank and file FEMA employees as we welcome all viewpoints here at Slabbed. While we are primarily insurance and legally oriented we have a big enough tent to include NOLA flood control as a topic.  If you are with the USACE and are moved to comment we’d love to hear from you. – sop

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2 thoughts on “Slabbed welcomes Wayne Weiser: “Why Katrina was the fault of man’s malfeasence””

  1. Mr. Weiser is a Civil Engineer, who retired from the Corps of Engineers, and who has “institutional memory” of the COE when it was a venerable institution, rather than what it has become. There’s a lot to read and “digest” in Mr. Weiser’s paper, and if one hasn’t been involved in the litigation, and keeping up with the investigation of “what happened” at each of the 50-plus breach sites, then the “lessons” to be learned from Mr. Weiser can be “lost”, simply because it is too much for human beings to absorb without some concentrated study. I HAVE studied Mr. Weiser’s lessons, and have incorporated most of them in the pleadings filed on behalf of innocent “Victims of KATRINA”. However, the litigation, the presiding Judge (Stanwood R. Duval, Jr.), and the lawyers to whom he has handed control and management of the litigation (not me – I have been disbarred, disgraced, embarrassed and humiliated), are all CORRUPTED. Indeed, I have averred that the crooked Judge and his crooked friends belong in the Federal Penitentiary. Ask SOP and Nowdoucit to report on the merits of the proposed settlement with the levee boards which is now under consideration, and which will benefit ONLY politically-connected lawyers – and not one innocent “Victim of KATRINA”. Mr. Weiser and I have been voices crying in the wilderness for almost 4 years, and both of us have “suffered” for our struggles. WHERE IS THE GODDAMNED FBI?

  2. If you go to either the HPDC Draft Report or one of these has review comments on the 17th St Canal in a i52 page document. Open pages 75-76 and 91-92 and you will find the answer to the failures that took place on that canal as well as what happened on the other outfall canals since no one followed 33 CFR 208.10

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