SLABBED Daily – June 19

Editilla was cooking on yesterday’s Ladder! Here’s a sample, have a bite – but first, Editilla just sent this sizzle on the Ladder today:

4 Investigates: Corps employees masquerading as commenters?

Is the Corps of Engineers Astro-Turfing It’s Critics?

Speaking of turning up the heat, Sam Friedman asks, Is this Hank’s last stand?

Chip Merlin has warmed things up in Florida with his latest post:  The Dirty Secret of Exclusions Some Major Insurance Companies Like State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and even USAA, Do Not Want You to Think About and a great one I missed: Depreciation Should Not Be Taken for Partial Losses That Are To Be Repaired

… from round and about:

A.M. Best Downgrades State Farm Florida; Outlook Negative (Insurance Journal)

Obama Insurance Views Mirror Those of P/C Agents, Insurers, Regulators (Insurance Journal)

Insureds Entitled to Additional Flood Coverage in California (Insurance Law Hawaii)

…and straight from Congressman Taylor’s blog: Nationwide’s two-page Wind versus Flood Q & A for Mississippi and Alabama h/t Brian Martin

Not exactly a beach book but a lot of interesting reading. TGIF

One thought on “SLABBED Daily – June 19”

  1. Thanks Doucy! Whadda Day!
    Y’all may want to drop by the TP’s flaccid response today to the WWL story:
    As I have decided to confront and defeat any and every Corpscycle Spinfiltraitor PR’n Coho’in Astro-turf pusillanimous peccary they field like Zombies, you can find me there in the comments section: “nonewsladder” on’da “backhandpath”, swinging a Louisville #40 hard.

    But I can SEE y’all don’t wanna listen to this ol’boob! Ya’got Boobs on yer mind oh yeah….
    I see yer’boobs and raise you
    One Hot Mama

    Thanks youz

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