SLABBED Daily: June 13 – 14 (weekend edition)

A trip to the Farmer’s Market is at the top of my “to do”  list for today; but, one thing I won’t be buying is a cucumber for the health tonic I’ve been taking daily since my trip to the beach.

I prefer my Pimm’s with lime and crushed mint – and cucumber in salads and sandwiches.

Julia Reed, a Mississippi writer regardless of where she lives, put Pimm’s first on her list of kick-back-and-enjoy-summer cocktails and added a great story:Pimms-Cup-1

I love a Pimm’s Cup, which is the house specialty at the Napoleon House here in the French Quarter…I discovered a Pimm’s Royale in Paris at the Ritz Bar, where I repaired after abandoning my almost husband on our sort of honeymoon.

I had called off the marriage at rather the last minute, and we already had this elaborate trip to France all paid for and planned, and as the man in question was in a bit of denial he asked me if I would still take the trip, and since I stupidly didn’t want to hurt him further, I said yes.

So by the time we had made it through Paris and Lyon I was slightly losing my mind. I called my good friend Andre Leon Talley and he wisely told me, “Get your lily-white ass on the fast train” back to Paris, and to meet him at the Ritz Bar at 5:30.

Well, he was late, and I had one Pimm’s Royale, which is topped with Brut champagne rather than lemonade, and garnished with the classic cucumber, but also orange and mint and a brandied cherry. So I finished one and ate the cherry and it felt like the back of my brain was sort of taking off and I thought I had better only have one more of those.

But then Andre arrived and we drank them for many more hours and all sorts of people dropped in at our table, from Arlene Dahl to Madonna’s bodyguards (she was staying in the hotel). It was totally wild and so much fun and cost more than any other bar bill I have ever paid since, but it was worth it. By the time the would-be husband arrived with his sister, I was happy to see him again… (h/t Editilla)

Admittedly, only readers who know those growing up in the Mississippi Delta have a genetically superior alcohol tolerance level and the comparably low alcohol content of Pimm’s can even begin to comprehend the implications of her confession:

The hangover the next day, on the other hand, was possibly the worst I have ever had…

Given that history, however, it’s understandable that she would now drop in for a refreshing Pimm’s and not make Pimm’s by the pitcher using Martha Stewart’s recipe or, godforbid, attempt to recreate Pimm’s rather than buy by the bottle:

1 oz Plymouth Gin
2/3 oz Sweet Vermouth (Red)
1/3 oz Dry Vermouth (White)
1/4 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
3 Dash Regan’s Orange Bittersmint_julep

If you, too, find the idea of an afternoon dose of this health tonic just what the doctor ordered, I recommend Pimm’s in a julep cup with mint, lime, ginger ale  – and, as Julia Reed’s experience suggests, moderation!