Friday Morning Music

I have a busy day ahead as I catch up from being out of town. I hope to soon author posts on the Hugh Sibley case, Ashton O’Dwyer’s legal battles, Kuehn and my good buddy H Scot Spragins 😉 and an insurance/financial post on money, greed and disconnect.


5 thoughts on “Friday Morning Music”

  1. No doubt Nickleback will fair in music history and being a fan of music in general I’ll jam to my sixties stuff. Staind has a similar powerful tune with Far and Away.

    Now that you’re near it’s so far away all the problems we fought were in vain and all those mistakes one life can make they all finally seem to go away, I can forgive and I’m not ashamed to be the person that I am today.


  2. Op’s I’m sorry Jane I was thinking of the other old song by deep purple. Smoke on the water, check out the fire fly’s. But as I said it would be close enough to gain interest. But the best is yet to arrive. How about that new tune Mrs. Hippie your a no good Bi*ch you steal from your people and have thrown them in a ditch. From civil wrong to present day your no better than a witch so I guess I’ll always hate you Mrs. Hippie Bit*h.

    What’s nice is my guitar playing is improving.

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