SLABBED Daily – June 10

The suburban New Orleans family home of the Hurricake Factory's Adams brothers was destroyed during Katrina by six towering pine trees including one that literally split the house in half.

Hurricakes?  The cakes, reportedly shaped like the swirly hurricane symbol used on weather maps, come from the Hurricake Factory – the business created by two brothers who lost their home in Hurricane Katrina.

Stuart Adams was eating a King Cake with his friend an now business partner, Alexandra De Brock, when he saw how a king cake could easily be crafted to look like a hurricaneAndrew Adams, an Ole Miss marketing and business major developed the business plan and the brothers were awarded $5,000 in the student division of the Mississippi Technology Alliance Business Plan Competition in Jackson.

Jackson’s Tiller Cookie & Biscotti – baker of the best chocolate chip cookie ever – will make the cakes in three flavors.

Cinnamon Surge: Delicious iced, cinnamonn-sugar cake made from scratch.  This Hurricake is an excellent choice as a breakfast treat, sweet snack, or tasty dessert.

Chocolate City: Named after the New Orleans major’s famous quote during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, this succulent Hurricake aims to satisfy everyone’s chocolate cravings.

Tropical Storm: Building upon the tropical nature of Atlantic hurricanes, this key lime – coconut Hurricake serves as a light and refreshing treat.

Information on ordering hurricakes is available on

Hurricakes will be available beginning August 29th, 2009, the four-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Internet pre-orders will open on August 1st. Starting in 2010, Hurricakes will be sold exclusively during the entire Atlantic hurricane season which spans from June 1st to November 30th.

The brothers have a personal commitment to hurricane relief and mitigation and have established a philanthropic effort funded with a dollar from every Hurricake sale.  Taking that commitment even further, brother Stuart, who holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering,  is currently seeking a PhD in Structural Engineering at Louisiana State University with special emphasis in hurricane mitigation.




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  1. I know a certain engineering firm (rhymes with MAAG) that would say that house is “structurally sound.”

  2. I would also note a certain engineering firm that rhymes with “TECO” that would say storm surge caused the damage.

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