SLABBED Daily – June 9

Since my day started with correcting the error I made in Grit and Grocer and progressed to the webcast of Corban with no sound coming from my computer, it could be that I still have a touch of the virus that slabbed me yesterday.

With that in mind, I’ll reply on Chip Merlin for the content of today’s SLABBED Daily and link his post Is the State Farm Policy Really Worth Anything?

What is the value of insurance if it does not pay for insured losses? Imagine if you had a significant accidental water damage to your home or business, do you know whether your insurance company has your back? Will it really be there to help you? Don’t count on it. Today, modern insurance companies are re-writing their insurance policies to limit what is covered and excluding many losses that used to be covered under all-risk policies.

State Farm, as an insurance industry leader, is leading the charge of making an insurance product that no consumer should trust as providing the amount of coverage the insurance product afforded 25 years ago. It is always important to remember that Policyholders Buy Insurance for Peace of Mind and Not Economic Advantage and that concept is being defeated as carriers try to gain economic advantage by changing small print in the policy that may have significant consequences discovered by the policyholder only after disaster happens. To be Fair And Balanced with State Farm, I could have substituted Allstate, Nationwide and USAA into the title.

Follow the link and read the case Merlin uses to make his point.

Those of you who were able to hear the Corban arguments – as well as those interested in anticoncurrent causation who were not able to tune in – may find related posts here, here, here and here in our archives of interest.

I’ll end with a reminder that you’ll find all of the Corban briefs here.

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