1:30pm CST live from Mississippi Supreme Court – Oral arguments in Corban v USAA

Click here to access the Mississippi Supreme Court broadcast.

The Court is hearing an Interlocutory Appeal of the Corban decision – a decision based on the application of the Fifth Circuit’s Erie guess in Leonard v Nationwide.

5 thoughts on “1:30pm CST live from Mississippi Supreme Court – Oral arguments in Corban v USAA”

  1. Two things I liked seeing this afternoon when I pulled up stats the first being the large number of outclicks to the MSSC website to listen in.

    Our about page is also getting a very nice workout today.


  2. If Greg Copeland said that then I bet he was laughed out of the courtroom considering the insurance law is set by the states to be followed by the federal judiciary.

    About the only thing Edith Jones’ 5th Circuit opinions are good for is the paper itself – for toilet paper backup duty.


  3. The article presented the information as a statement not a quote.

    What struck me is how it refutes those who argue against Gene’s bill saying coverage is available. Obviously there is no coverage at all – federal or private – for any damage done between “windstorm” and “flood” in a hurricane.

  4. If you buy into USAA’s argument that peddles Leonard as anything other than a botched legal opinion there is indeed no coverage. Of course the environmental whackos at the Sierra Club like that notion Nowdy, I’m surprised they didn’t weight in backing ol’ Edith with a friend of the court brief of their own.

    One day maybe, Archie will get control of her….


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