An old link that reappeared and a great video showing wind damage in advance of the surge (Updated)

Another old classmate is back from his last teaching/research gig in Europe and seeing him recently reminded me to google for the old CBS news story that featured him and the video he shot during Katrina. The footage also conveys a flavor for my own personal experience.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.911275&w=425&h=350&]


The question the video begs is who should have paid Charles Grey, the man whose roof we see flying down the street well in advance of the surge? Continue reading “An old link that reappeared and a great video showing wind damage in advance of the surge (Updated)”

On this one, ol’ Hospitality Hank has a point

Some old highschool classmates, under employed in the heart of the GO Zone, travel Highway 90 highlighting the fugly in the urban landscape.


We’re read by academics across the country some of whom will no doubt be very interested in Hank’s dialogue project as will my blog partner Nowdy.


unsettling – McIntosh neighbor’s case Mills v State Farm

The Mills residence is located on the west side of North Biloxi (north of the Back Bay)….immediately north of Big Lake and south of the Tchoutacabouffa River.

Mills with McIntosh
If the location sounds familiar to you, it should.  The Mills live down the street from the McIntoshes, according to MapQuest.

Estimated Time: 0.90 minutes
Estimated Distance: 0.31 miles

Don’t you think it’s time we met the neighbors?

Mr. Mills remained in his house during most of Katrina. He stated that about 0945 CDT severe wind (which he described as a ”tornado”) blew out the southeast wall including a wall-mounted AC unit in the converted garage. When storm surge reached the house about 1230 CDT he evacuated to a neighbor’s house. Continue reading “unsettling – McIntosh neighbor’s case Mills v State Farm”