Some clear signals the Prez is crossways with Gene Taylor

Not that such doesn’t help Gene Taylor with the local voters, the majority of which are very conservative and part of the 30 percent of the populace who do not care for Obama’s job performance (and never will). So while the new adminsitration didn’t even bother to meet with Gene on his bill to reform the NFIP before he came out against it, here is Mr Prez cuddling up with big insurance so they can have an advance briefing of what he intends to do along the lines of regulatory reform. Reuter’s reporter and Sen Chris Dodd mouthpiece Kevin Drawbaugh has the III talking points well summerized:

Insurance industry reform will be the chief focus of a briefing scheduled for Thursday evening by Obama administration officials to financial industry lobbyists, said sources familiar with the agenda.

Topics possibly open for discussion include a proposal to establish a U.S. insurance regulator. The nation’s more than 6,000 insurers are now regulated largely by state and territorial governments.

The briefing could range further afield, possibly covering other parts of the administration’s financial reform agenda, such as establishing a systemic risk regulator and writing new rules for derivatives markets, the sources said.

The snubs don’t stop there as Michael Newsome reported today in the Sun Herald:

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson’s office has made nominations for U.S. attorney positions in Mississippi and awaits action from President Barack Obama, who must fill a large number of open slots.

Currently, none of the rumored candidates for the Southern District is from South Mississippi. The appointments of the prosecutors, which the president makes and the Senate confirms, only began within the last few weeks. There are 93 U.S. Attorney positions and usually there is a large turnover when a new presidential administration assumes power. Some believe it could take up to a year and often little is released before the nominations are officially made.

The recommendations typically come from state officials of the same party as the president. Thompson, who is close to Obama and endorsed his candidacy, is making most of the nominations for Mississippi.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Travis Childers’ office confirmed he has also made a recommendation, but declined to discuss the details.

U.S. Rep Gene Taylor has not made any recommendations.

With well in excess of 75% of the vote last election it is safe to say Gene will be around long after the Obama gig is up. Nancy Pelosi understands she is called Madam Speaker because of the resurgence of the Conservative Southern Democrat. The Prez, perhaps a bit too intoxicated with his party’s electoral success may just find hangovers are a bitch, especially when the hand that feeds the party in Congress is bit.


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