Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..

IMG00109Yep no denying it, Slabbed has been a low priority lately. We even missed nabbing Gene’s WLOX interview on their Saturday news show. I hated to miss that one. Steve is similarily taking time away.

I mentioned here when the public first perceived the financial crisis that I loved bargain shopping, just not at a department store. For me it doesn’t get much better than DY; ol’ girl has been most kind to me since I met her in 2001. Vive la volatilité!

But that is not a chart on the right, rather part of my backyard. The pecan in the background survived Katrina. Through time I’ve lost 10 pecans to Hurricanes from Georges to Katrina here at the county cottage. The live oak in the foreground is circa 2007. The dirt behind them both, somewhere north of 1800 cubic yards total was the ultimate bargain. If I only could find it that cheap in Waveland. Next up is a gazebo for “the hill”.

Our tree total for 2009 stands at 9. You can’t bring back what mother nature took but you can always plant more.


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