With due respect to you Jackson folks….

Frank Melton getting drunk and regularily making an ass out of himself is pure bush league against the happenings in NOLA. I still remember the Dollar Bill/SUNO Times Picayune Op-Ed from many years ago with the accompanying Dollar Bill’s pic captioned “Pig at the Trough?” Some stories, like fine wine and Chocolate Guy’s travel habits get better with time. I could be wrong but I think Stephanie Grace is suggesting someone put a bullet in SUNO’s head and merge it with UNO. Yeah, good idea.

Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..

IMG00109Yep no denying it, Slabbed has been a low priority lately. We even missed nabbing Gene’s WLOX interview on their Saturday news show. I hated to miss that one. Steve is similarily taking time away.

I mentioned here when the public first perceived the financial crisis that I loved bargain shopping, just not at a department store. For me it doesn’t get much better than DY; ol’ girl has been most kind to me since I met her in 2001. Vive la volatilité!

But that is not a chart on the right, rather part of my backyard. The pecan in the background Continue reading “Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..”

Rigsby Response says State Farm motion futile and frivolous – SLABBED says State Farm is the Dolly Parton of insurance

Counsel for the Rigsby sisters seem to always make their point with fewer words than most attorneys use to introduce their argument – but why waste words when State Farm’s counsel seems to love playing dumb.

The Farm’s dumb blond attempt at a cover for their release of the confidential Renfroe-Rigsby settlement agreement made State Farm the Dolly Parton of insurance IMO – not dumb and not blond either.

However, their futile and frivolous claim about the settlement agreement is not as dumb as their argument that they unknowingly committed any fraud in the McIntosh claim but, if they did, their little bit of fraud was reasonable.

State Farm’s Motion to Amend should be denied because Continue reading “Rigsby Response says State Farm motion futile and frivolous – SLABBED says State Farm is the Dolly Parton of insurance”

Slabbed Daily June 1, 2009: Hurricane Season / Toxic Paper Edition

Save your life and evacuate. Or stay to make certain your wind insurance pays. Decisions decisions….

Its that time of the year – the beginning of another Hurricane season complete with advance news stories why our insurance rates need to rise yet again. Some evac stories always make it to the mix and it is there we start with this Melissa Scallan Sun Herald story:

Womack and other state officials are encouraging residents to go north, not east or west and to leave by alternate rather than primary routes, such as U.S. 49.

Some of the new and less-traveled routes include Mississippi 605 and Mississippi 67, which tie into each other and lead to U.S. 49. Wayne Brown, Southern District transportation commissioner for the state Department of Transportation, encourages residents to take highways such as Mississippi 15, 57, 63 and 29.

“If people stick to those, in my opinion, they’ll have much less traffic to deal with,” Brown said.

The state has agreed again this year to allow south Louisiana residents to use Mississippi interstates to evacuate.

If asked by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mississippi will contraflow interstates 55 and 59, which means traffic in all lanes will flow north.

On I-55 contraflow will end just south of Brookhaven. On I-59 it will end just south of Hattiesburg.

Some exits will be open so motorists can get gas and food, Brown said, but those could be closed intermittently.

“We’re going to let them get off, but if that stop becomes congested we’ll close the exit,” he said.

Bob Chapman, emergency services manager for MDOT, said contraflow is one reason department officials encourage Mississippi residents to leave as early as they can.

“We can’t contraflow U.S. 49 for our residents because there are too many access points,” he said.

“The main emphasis is to evacuate early and go where you want to go.”

Next up is the obligatory Insurance (Mis) Infortmation Institute’s annual news plant explaining that costly Hurricanes are the reason rates are so expensive. What the story fails to mention is that insurers are paying out less in claims as a percenatge of their revenues than ever thus losses can’t be the true reason rates are sky high, coverage is scarce despite III’s paid shill Robert Hartwig’s protestations to the contrary. We pick up the AP story as published by the Houston Chronicle (h/t Mrs Sop): Continue reading “Slabbed Daily June 1, 2009: Hurricane Season / Toxic Paper Edition”

And if you thought insurance companies only shafted people in the flood zone….

Think again Buttercup. Pearl River Community College. located around 40 miles away from the coast in Poplarville is still figthting their private insurer Zurich to cover Katrina losses under their wind policy. Here is a hint for Dr Lewis, you’re wasting your time with endless arbitrations. If the institutions policy has an appraisal provision use it.


Evidence evidently a problem for Nationwide and State Farm

The last motions filed in both Politz v Nationwide and O’Keefe v State Farm deal with evidence the Plantiff in each case is either seeking or planning to use.

In the Politz case, Nationwide filed a Motion for Clarification Regarding the Court’s Order on Motion in Limine No. 2 to Exclude Any and All Testimony, Evidence, and Argument Regarding Insurance Claims Other than Plaintiff’s Claims Against Nationwide.

On May 18, 2009, the Court entered an Order granting Nationwide’s Motion. Specifically, the Court held “[t]hat Nationwide’s motion in limine [279] asking the Court to exclude evidence of other claims against Nationwide is GRANTED subject to a limited exception for claims concerning insured property in close physical proximity to the plaintiff’s residence.”

Politz slab of neighbor Faulk
Photograph of Faulk property taken by adjuster Darrel Ryan. The Politz property was located approximately 20 yards behind the Faulk property.

Nationwide respectfully requests a clarification of the Court’s May 18, 2009 Order with regard to the Faulk insurance claims. Although Nationwide submits that the physical conditions of the Faulk property may be relevant to the claims presented in this case, any testimony, evidence or argument regarding the adjustment of Ms. Faulk’s insurance claims — claims that were handled by insurance companies other than Nationwide — is wholly irrelevant to whether Nationwide properly adjusted Mrs. Politz’s claim for insurance.

Nationwide acknowledges Mrs. Politz admits that she “does not contend that the policy limits of Mrs. Faulk’s insurance policies have any relevance to the claims by Plaintiff in this case,” but that she “only seeks to introduce factual information concerning the area of her dwelling that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

So, what is Nationwide’s Motion based on Continue reading “Evidence evidently a problem for Nationwide and State Farm”