State Farm’s little bit pregnant fraud

The birds and bees of the qui tam case were fluttering over two new State Farm entries on the docket when I checked early evening. State Farm called the first a Bench Memorandum Re: “Knowingly False” Claims; but, regardless of what they called it, there is no mistaking what it is – an admission the Company committed fraud against the government when they submitted the  McIntosh claim for payment.

Retitled, it’s the story of their little-bit-pregnant fraud – which they claim is not a crime because the fraudulent claim they submitted in McIntosh was “unknowingly false”.

This is what they expect Judge Senter to believe:

State Farm did not “knowingly” present to the government a “false or fraudulent claim for payment or approval” with respect to the McIntosh property, as expressly required to establish liability under the False Claims Act.

GFL, what is it they think people have been talking about for almost four years?  As their defense they show how their adjusters are trained to commit fraud Continue reading “State Farm’s little bit pregnant fraud”