SLABBED Daily – May 16-17 (weekend edition)

An earlier version of the weekend SLABBED Daily was an invitation to brunch; but, it went back in the oven.  Not to worry, here’s something to chew on – Corps picks 11 for levee work

The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded contracts to 11 companies — most of them local and all but two in Louisiana — that could share up to $500 million in levee construction work.

Each company is expected to be awarded between $10 million and $50 million of work under a program that allows the corps to prequalify contractors it can later tap when work becomes available. The companies are all designated as small or disadvantaged…

The contracts will be for heavy construction work for levees; floodwalls; pump station construction or enlargement; road, culvert and canal construction or repair; concrete bridge work; earthen channel enlargement and concrete lining; concrete or stone armoring; and installing foreshore protection in water bodies in front of levees…

The issue of contractor liability is what made this story a brunch-buster – and what links it to MRGO and the Responders re: Katrina Consolidated Levee Breach Litigation.

Early last week (May 11) the MRGO Plaintiffs filed notice of Appeal of the Court’s decision regarding WGI, a contractor who worked on the levees prior to Katrina. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – May 16-17 (weekend edition)”