The Smoking Gunn: Team O’Keefe Slabbs State Farm Flood Claims Handling

State Farm knew their beetch Dave Maurstad at NFIP would do anything they wanted. In the ultimate show of disrespect they didn’t wait for the guidelines they wrote to be approved by Maurstad before the fleecing of the NFIP and looting of US Treasury commenced. Simply put, the Team O’Keefe lawyers at Corban, Gunn & Van Cleave are smoking hot!

In the case of Hurricane Katrina, the facts are undisputed that State Farm drafted, and convinced the Federal Government to adopt, amended guidelines for paying NFIP claims arising from Hurricane Katrina. The facts are undisputed that, time and time again, State Farm promptly paid NFIP policy limits without conclusively determining the cause of loss, while withholding a decision on an insured’s ability to recover under his State Farm homeowner’s policy pending an “investigation” into the cause of loss by State Farm.

In an email dated September 7, 2005, State Farm’s Flood Catastrophe Leader, Lecky King, advised claims personnel to follow a procedure that would enable claims personnel to pay policy limits under NFIP policies on the same day as their first site visit, noting that payment of flood claims would be followed later by a detailed investigation of homeowner’s claims, which Ms. King wrongfully referred to as “wind” claims in the context of State Farm’s all perils homeowner’s policy. Interestingly, this directive was some two weeks prior to the date the Federal Government formally adopted amended claims procedures for handling Hurricane Katrina claims. (See LKING 1782, attached as “Exhibit 9″)

All 13 pages are a most revealing read.

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Plus those pesky exhibits:

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